Play Like a Girl

Growing up I wouldn’t have been necessarily described as an athlete. I mean at one time or another I was a gymnast, a softball outfielder, a volleyball player, and a runner.

But perhaps I am using those terms a bit too loosely. Perhaps tumbling when in preschool isn’t really a gymnast. And perhaps picking dandelions in the outfield and standing at the plate not swinging, begging for a walk, does not a softball player make. Coming in last in most all of your cross country meets (and faking an injury or two to get out of a few meets) perhaps doesn’t qualify you as a runner. I DID make the B-team in middle school volleyball.

So there is that.

Lily seems to be made of the same stock. Her least favorite class is P.E. She doesn’t care for breaking a sweat. And whenever I encourage her to try a sport she looks at me like I have three heads. I’m okay with that. She is gifted in other ways and I am happy she has found other things she loves.

Anderson soccer

Lily tried soccer for one season. Hannah still going.

Hannah however has found a love of soccer. She doesn’t play in a very competitive league because frankly those schedules take over your life at way too young of an age in my humble opinion. But she loves the sport and can’t wait for the fall and spring season to start. Ryan is her coach and he might love that part even more than Hannah does.


Not having a clue about anything even remotely soccer related, I still love watching her play. She loves the team aspect of it, of course, because that girl loves anything social. But she also just loves the game. And there is nothing better as a parent than watching your child excel at something they love. (sidenote: there is also nothing better than watching football, basketball and hockey with Ella. much like her mama that girl can get into watching just about any sport)

Silas seems geared towards sports as well. He has loved anything remotely close to a ball since he was little (he is still little. he will always be little. lalalalala, I can’t hear you). In my head it was always a given that my little boy would love sports. I realize that isn’t probably politcally correct, but growing up all the guys in my family were huge sports guys.

It just never occurred to me that I would have a sports girl. Hannah is only in second grade so I have no idea what her future holds, but right now I could not be more proud to be a soccer mom. Of a girl #girlpower

Speaking of Girl Power:

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Verizon. The opinions and text are all mine.