Perspective- Finer Things Friday

finerthings So maybe you noticed (good golly I hope you noticed), the blog was down for quite a bit of time yesterday and today. And I should confess that it resulted in lots of screaming and yelling and lack of sleep. Cause clearly I have an appropriate perspective on what is important in life. Ahem.

Anyway, my day involved a facial, coffee with a friend and getting my hair done. Sounds heavenly doesn’t it. Normally I don’t live the life of Kim Kardashian, but I had a Living Social deal for the facial. My mom had Grandma Day so I was able to meet a friend who needed to discuss a problem. And the hair appointment? Well my hair is horribly, horribly gray for someone my age and I am vain. Just keepin’ it real people.

You would have thought my day couldn’t get any better than all that pampering. But I sit here at the end of the day with fancy hair, clear skin and a my heart is incredibly full after watching my second grader sing at her school’s spring musical. A stage full of adorable elementary kids singing about their love of Jesus- what is better than that? I would throw all that pampering out the window to sit through that again.

Realizing what REALLY makes for a good day. It is a Finer Thing.

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