Parenting success!

You know those moments when your child does something and you realize that something of what you are doing is getting through. I wish they happened more often, but when they do it is so worth all the other moments when you don’t understand who is sneaking in and teaching your child horrible things while you aren’t looking.

Today we were driving and we came upon a really minor fender bender. I stated that to my 3 year old and she asked a few questions about what had happened. Then after a brief pause she said, “Mommy, we should really stop and say a prayer for the people in the car that God would make sure they aren’t hurt.”

Thank you God for giving me that brief moment. I know it made you smile too.


  1. Georgia Mom says:

    You gotta love those tender moments when God reminds you that you’re doing something right!

    BTW, my sister lives in Michigan. I just found your blog and I love the design, super hip! And I have 2 daughter’s myself. Mine are older, 8 & 5. You have a lot of fun years ahead!

    Georgia Mom

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