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One of my favorite things to do with Lily is participate in a Mother-Daughter book club that our library runs. We used to read the books together, but now she reads so fast that I just let her read the book and then I read it after her. It also saves me from reading books that she doesn’t like and doesn’t want to finish.

That actually happens rarely. She can usually be convinced to finish most books. But our current one is not making the cut (I can’t remember what it is, sorry).

As she was telling me that she didn’t like the book, I decided I needed a run down of the book. She told me it was about a family taking a vacation together. But the kids decide they want to be orphans.

“Why would kids want to be orphans?” I asked.

“Well their parents are not good parents at all. They even forget their kids names.” Lily tells me.

I agree with her that that is some bad parenting. Suddenly Hannah pipes up from the back seat.

“Mom, you are a really good mom.” Hannah says as I begin to smile and feel warm inside.

“You NEVER forget OUR names.”

If this is where the bar has been set, I am destined for mom of the year!!


  1. if that’s where the bar has been set, i am not even in the running! …. i never forget their names, but i have two boys 16 months apart and the second keeps doing things the first one used to do, so he always gets called by Oldest’s name :)
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