Pajamas for Kelly

One of my favorite and most unexpected joys in my 4 years of blogging has been the connections I have made to other bloggers. It honestly shocks me that some women that I haven’t known that long and barely met in real life I can count as friends.

One of my other favorite things about this blogging community is watching bloggers rally around other bloggers during times of need. Whether it is simply lifting someone up in prayer or gathering donations for tornado victims in Joplin I love the way bloggers help other bloggers.

Today, one of The Diaper Diaries long time readers is struggling and needs our prayers. Kelly is an everyday mommy blogger living in Mississippi with her husband and almost two-year-old son, Simon. A few weeks. A few weeks ago her vision started blurring, and after rounds of medical tests Kelly found out she has a rare type of brain tumor sitting on her optic nerve.


Kelly will travel to Johns Hopkins next week for consultation and surgery. In the best case scenario, Kelly will be in the hospital for five days and recovering nearby for two weeks. If the surgery is less successful, Kelly will lose her eyesight. She would need to stay in Baltimore at least a month to go to rehab and learn to live as a blind woman.

Kelly is 29 years old and has a toddler. Up until the diagnosis she was living a “normal” life just like many of us. Now her life has been turned upside down. I can’t even imagine what she is going through.

A group of bloggers want to help Kelly have the most comfortable hospital stay and recovery possible. Something simple to remind her she has a community of readers praying and thinking of her.


We’re asking if you would consider donating just $3 by clicking on the “donate” button. The money will be used to fulfill Kelly’s wish of having some wonderful, new, comfy pajamas for her time in Baltimore. We’re hoping to have enough to throw in a gift card to Trader Joe’s, so her husband can buy some prepared foods for their family that fit with their desire to eat healthy.

Kelly is also a huge fan of Etsy and homemade and upcycled items. Huge thanks to Moxie Mandie and Candace from Twiggie Makes for donating their goods to lift Kelly’s spirits. If you sell handmade items and would like to donate store credit, you can e-mail Jessie (jessie at vanderbiltwife dot com)

Will you help by pitching in $3? We’ll let you know on Monday how much has been raised!


  1. abba12 says:

    I hope you give an update after the operation. I am legally blind, was born this way, but I have always thought it must be so much worse to have sight and lose it than to never know it at all. I can’t imagine seeing better than I do, but she will be able to, she will remember.

    I pray the operation goes well.

    • Thank you for your perspective. I can’t imagine your challenges. Out of curiousity what do you use to read blogs?

      • abba12 says:

        lol, much to the suprise of many people computers are completely accessable to the blind, I even know a couple of blind computer programmers!

        I personally use zoomtext, which enlarges the screen up to 32x and does a bunch of other funky things with colours and graphics and cursor enhancments to help various visual impairments, but I can see a bit (legally blind, not fully blind. Very few people, even those with guide dogs, are actualy completely blind)
        The near-to or fully blind generally use a program called Jaws which is the most popular text-to-speech reader at the moment. It reads out everything, and with a bit of practice and training can be used to do just about anything a sighted person would do except, obviously, graphic based things.

        Should things go badly, and I pray they do not, becomming familiar with a program similar to these will probably form a part of the rehab Kelly attends. It’s become a huge accessibility focus among the blind support agencies, at least here in Australia, to get people on computers. It’s simply the easiest way for us, especially the fully blind, to get infomation and do things like banking, or even shopping. Braille is becomming less and less important. In my state, at least, I don’t think it’s taught to anyone except children blind from birth or who attend the special blind school in the city anymore.

  2. Sarah L says:

    When I click on the donate link, Pay Pal tells me I have an out of date link possibly due to a bookmark. is this just me?

  3. Kristen says:

    I’m getting that error as well…

    Here is a great Etsy site I found. I love the tag line: From the Heart Pillows… because you can’t hug a card.


  4. Kylee says:

    I get the same error message for paypal.

  5. Sarah L says:

    FYI, The link worked via Vanderbuilt wife.

  6. I simply can’t imagine losing my sight. I will be praying and praying for her.
    And if anything like this ever happened to my family I hope people would rally around me so I donated too.

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