Best Dressed Golden Globes 2015


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I know it is a bit cliché but I love award shows. Mostly for the celebrities. Partly for the awards (although rarely have I seen anything). And of course I am ALL about the fashion. And of course I feel […]

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What I’m Reading

This is a beautiful picture of what foster care looks like::: What I Want You to Know About Letting Go and Loving in Foster Care Yes!!::: Depression Is Not A Scandal These are some great, practical tips for getting organized in the new year::: 5 Habits of Organized People Speaking of resolutions::: The Thing About Being More Awesome… And […]

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Mom Uniform 1.0

Winter Uniform

I think sometimes we feel like fashion is too complicated and so we just live in a rut of yoga pants and ponytails or wear the same clothes for years regardless of whether they fit or they flatter. Fashion doesn’t have to be hard. And it certainly doesn’t have to be some glamorous thing that […]

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Why I’m Breaking Up With My Scale in 2015


I totally get that a new year is a time for all sorts of weight loss goals (in fact as I type this a Weight Watchers commercial just came on TV). I myself am going on a bit of a sugar fast in an effort to feel better and get rid of a little holiday […]

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Happy 2015

I am a sucker for the new year. I know technically nothing changes but the calendar but it feels like a completely fresh start. 2014 was pretty amazing, and I am hopeful 2015 is only going to get better. There is something HUGE in the hopper I can’t quite yet share, but it has me […]

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