Military Jacket Remix- Pinterest Inspired Fashion

Military and Neon Inspired Look

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Military Jackets are everywhere this spring. My love for military inspired fashion goes way back whether it be the camo jacket I had in college (so mad I don’t still have that) or the navy peacoat I loved in my […]

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10 Fun and (Fairly) Easy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs


First, a confession: I don’t really enjoy decorating Easter eggs. Well full confession: I don’t really enjoy any sort of crafting with my kids at all. I fully believe this is why God invented grandparents. But maybe you are one of those amazing craft loving moms. Or maybe you just want to forward this post […]

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Five Best Apps For Traveling With Kids

gold pyramid

What do you do when you don’t have any plans for Spring Break and the entire state of Michigan is heading to Florida? You head to Sheboygan, Wisconsin of course! Okay so it wasn’t exactly like that. But Ryan had work in Sheboygan and Chicago and he planned it for the week of spring break […]

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What I’m Reading

Loved this as I start down the path of parenting teens (tween is the new teen)::: The Secret You Have to Know About You & That Thing You’re Going Through As a mom of girls, I just can’t have these reminders enough::: How To Talk To Your Daughter About Her Body YES!::: I’m Done Making My Kid’s […]

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It Started With A Whisper

I have been a pretty glass half-full person most of my adult life. Actually most of my life in general, if you ignore a prolonged period of moodiness and drama during the teenage years. In all honesty, life has given me very little to complain about. I had a happy, stable childhood, had a lot […]

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