It Started With A Whisper

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I have been a pretty glass half-full person most of my adult life. Actually most of my life in general, if you ignore a prolonged period of moodiness and drama during the teenage years. In all honesty, life has […]

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What I’m Reading

So much wisdom in this post::: Where I Stand As a new mom, I couldn’t do this, but now it is a necessity. Stuff is just stuff::: Cherish Your People, Not Your Floors I resonated a lot with this post ::: Want to Be More Creative? Stop Doing This. So much marital wisdom in this post::: Conscious (Re) Coupling: […]

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Accessories- Spring Trends 2014

Spring Accessories

I thought we would spend the next several Fridays talking about trends coming up for spring. Because spring is coming eventually right? This has been the longest winter I can remember so I need something fashion related to look forward too. Or another excuse to shop. Potatoes, Potahtoes. This is the last of our spring […]

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Being the Parent vs. Being the Friend

Writing about my kids is getting harder as they get older. It is frankly why my blog focus has changed from parenting to more fashion and food and random loves. I just always wonder when I share about my children if I am sharing too much and crossing over from telling my story to their […]

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Gray Denim Remix with Marc Allison Jeans

Marc Allison 4

For the last several years I have been on the hunt for a great pair of gray denim jeans. I had a pair I got from Old Navy but I didn’t end up wearing them much because for whatever reason they just didn’t fit well. Baggy in the wrong places, tight in the wrong places. […]

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