What I’m Reading

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I absolutely love this post::: 10 Best Marriage Vows You Never Hear At Weddings Another one about marriage::: On Celebrating Marriage Over Anniversaries Are you reading Laura yet? You should be::: Facebook Posts are the New Bumper Stickers A powerful read::: An Adopted […]

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Live Smarter

I have a Pinterest board titled “Just Great Ideas, Period” where I pin things that are awesome but I am not quite sure where they belong. It is full of amazing tips and tricks that make your life easier. It is one of my favorite boards. Recently I stumbled upon an e-book that is basically that […]

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14 Tasty Dairy Free Ice Creams You Can Make At Home

This post is sponsored by Foodie.com Check out Tasty Vegan Ice Cream Flavors by Jill Shepherd Anderson at Foodie.com Tomorrow I want to give you a full update on my health since all of my diet changes (did you know that I made a bunch of diet changes to fix my crazy health problems?). But […]

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4th of July Fashion

4th Fashion

We discussed it last year, but it bears repeating: You don’t have to look like an american flag on Independence Day. You can. But you can also look super fashionable in red, white and blue with pieces that you can wear all summer long. These are a few of my favorites from around my favorite […]

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A Trip to John Ball Zoo


Sometimes I get lazy in my own town and forget all the great things it has to offer. Summer is the perfect time to take mini-staycations and we did just that last week at John Ball Zoo. We were really excited to see the new tiger exhibit, but sadly the tigers were being shy and […]

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