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4tunate $4friends Imagine that you are a mom (many of you are so that shouldn’t be too hard). You have chosen to stay home and raise your kids and your family on one income. Then your hubby loses his job. Again, this might not be too hard to imagine. In this economy it is happening all around us. Hopefully you have a support system and family to help pull you through. Except your support system can’t offer support because they need it themselves. Your mother in law gets diagnosed with breast cancer and your dad’s cancer has come back as well. Now imagine you are doing this all while raising 4 boys. And not just 4 boys. But quadruplets all under four years old. Oh and did I mention the flu recently went through your house?

Maybe some of you know Jen from 4tunate. I first “met” her when I saw some crazy person wheeling quadruplet 2 year olds through BlogHer last year. Turns out she wasn’t crazy. In fact she is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have met in this blogging world. We hung out a lot at Blissdom this past winter and I found out we have similar senses of humor. Whether we are trash talking over Twitter during the Final Four or giggling over Skype, she is clearly the real deal. I am so glad our lives have come together through this crazy thing called blogging

You may recall a while back during the Blog Hop, I talked about a group of bloggers who had bonded together to become the Sisterchicks. Say what you want about these “internet friendships” but this is the real deal. We laugh together (a lot), cry together and when Jen’s world started to spin out of control around her, pray together. Honestly, we had a spontaneous prayer session on Twitter that was so powerful we were all left in tears. And as much as I know Jen felt lifted up by those prayers, the rest of us were left wondering how we could possibly help from so far away.

One of the things I find myself doing for others a lot is bringing them meals when life gets overwhelming. But how do you bring a meal to someone 5 hours away from you? That is how 4tunate $4 friends was born. We want to fill her freezer with meals to get her through these tough times ahead. Jen is so generous herself. If you read her blog you know that she recently raised over $2500, giving away a laptop out of their own pocket, to help support a March of Dimes campaign.

So we have contacted a few local businesses that do freezer meals to see if we could order up some meals to be delivered to Jen. But we really want her freezer, fridge and pantry to be overflowing so that she has one less thing to worry about. Here is where you can help out. All we are asking you to donate is $4. In fact you don’t even have the option when you click the donate button to give any more than that. Every single penny of the money raised is going to buy food for Jen and her family during this time. I assure you we are not going to pool the money and buy a big screen. If you want to give a little, awesome. If you can’t, can I ask that you pray for her family. For their health, for her sanity, for God to hold them close. I know Jen is a huge believer in prayer and would want that even more than the meals.

Also I have added a Linky down below. If you want to write a post about why you love Jen or how you are helping, link up below. We have even found some local bloggers from the Indianapolis area donating meals to help Jen out.We want this to be a big ole Jen lovefest so she isn’t just provided for but encouraged as well. All of us sisterchicks have linked our Linkys (he he he) so you can click around and see what other people are doing to celebrate Jen. I am so excited to see what God will do to bless her family this week. What an awesome way to be His hands and feet.


  1. Andrea @ MommySnacks.net says:

    Ya’ll are awesome! And, the #sisterchicks..yeah, totes awesome too!
    Andrea @ MommySnacks.net recently posted…Walmart Snack- Sale Week of June 27My Profile

  2. Jill this is awesome! You hit the nail on the head! LOVED it :)
    Staci Brown recently posted…4tunate 4 friendsMy Profile

  3. Awe … love it! Love you!!
    mandi@itscome2this recently posted…Saturday stumblesMy Profile

  4. Great idea. I’ve seen the blog world come together lots of times to help people. Blogging strangers helping strangers is one of the greatest manifestations of Love thy neighbor I have seen.

  5. abba12 says:

    I can’t get the donate button working, is it just me? And is there some info for how I can donate not using the donate button here?

    • yeah, I just tried it and it isn’t working for me either. Can you head over to one of the other blogs in the Linky and donate through them. It all goes in the same pot.

  6. This post took my heart and melted into a pile of goop. Jill, you know me so well and you “get me”. Love that we share the same weird sense of humor – often gross, crass, or semi-inappropriate in the company of males. Paybacks, woman. Paybacks.

  7. Mary R Snyder says:

    Oh my! I LOVE this! I love seeing how the ‘net works for good. It’s hard to explain this crazy blogging/fb/ twitter world, but it’s real and real relationships are formed.

    I love how the Lord is using this place for His glory and to bless His girls!
    I’m hopping out of here to donate.
    Mary R Snyder recently posted…gIRL’s first stepsMy Profile

  8. Ok everyone, the Paypal button is now working so you can donate directly from this post.

  9. I’ve had this pulled up since yesterday and though I knew what it was about, didn’t read until now. What a beautiful gesture of friendship…in blessing her, you’ve blessed me :).

    (BTW, your donate tab isn’t working still, so I’ll pop over to Jessie’s and try.)

    Robin ~ PENSIEVE recently posted…Disclaimers and tapasMy Profile

  10. I’ve never read her blog, but this touched me. In the past 4 months, I was so touched by people who donated to my team in training fundraiser for leukemia and lymphoma, this story touched my heart.
    Christy @organic princess recently posted…Menu Plan MondayMy Profile

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