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Traveling With Kids

I am currently in the midst of an EPIC road trip with the hubby and three kiddos through six states and spanning over 1200 miles. Because we are crazy? Well admittedly, a little. But more on the why in a minute.

This trip has had its major ups and downs. Starting right from the morning we left and Silas locked my keys in the car. We have hit epic traffic (stupid summer construction), tangled with the Indiana State Police (there is a reason that state has a balanced budget, they are everywhere and are radar happy), and taken more pee breaks that necessary (“Mom I have to go AGAIN!!”)

But I have also gotten to see some dear friends (although too briefly), laugh a lot with my kids who are amazing troopers, see some of God’s most beautiful country, and even catch a glimpse of a giant rainbow after a storm (quite the metaphor for our trip).


Why are we attempting this insanity? We are heading to Universal Orlando for the Family Forward conference. When this conference invite landed in my inbox, I barely consulted the hubby. I had to have been in the first twenty to sign up. A blog conference for the whole family based around strengthening the family in areas like communication, creativity and charity? At the home of Harry Potter Wizarding World with a daughter who loves all things Harry Potter? Plus MINIONS?? Um, yes please.

I may not be a lover of roller coasters, but I am a lover of my family. And if I can conquer over 20 hours in a minivan with them, I think I can conquer even the wildest of amusement park rides. I am so excited for what we will learn this week to become an even stronger family. Color me crazy, but I feel like the trip down and back are part of that journey.

Can’t wait to share what I learned in the upcoming weeks!

What is the longest road trip you have taken as a family?


  1. Chad Mitchem says:

    Jill, our family of 6 made a trip last Nov to Disney, though we did fly but it still has it’s challenges with a 4 hr layover and 12 hour days on foot. This past May we did the minivan thing to Atlanta, 12 hrs one way all in one shot. We are super thankful that our kids are pretty well accllimated to the road since they done Iowa trips starting at 2 months old. Anyway…I look forward to you sharing any and all that you learn this week! We can never learn too much about parenting! -Chad

    • Our kids are great road trippers too. When we did Iowa this summmer they barely batted an eye. I hadn’t been back in a long time so it was fun to show them all my childhood memories.

  2. Phoebe says:

    We were gone for the month of July (4.5 weeks) and traveled 7064 miles. That was major, but the kids did great! It was time together we will never forget!

  3. I LOVE that you’re doing this!! I can’t wait for all of your recaps!!
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  4. I love road trips! And what could be better than a road trip to the home of Harry Potter Wizarding World! Can’t wait to hear more about it :)
    Courtney recently posted…10 Ways to Take a Break and Have a Feel Good Wednesday {Work It Wednesday}My Profile

  5. cindy says:

    is it wrong that the longest road trip is meijer? seriously. how those kids can make 10 minutes feel like 14 days is crazy. ;)

  6. My kids are NOT road-trippers … yet. I hope they will be. We have gone to my parents when they lived in Hershey, which is about a 10-hour drive … drug out to 14 hours with toddlers. It’s been painful and it’s been lovely and it’s been a blown tire at 1 AM in West Virginia. So, ya never know.
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  7. how fun Jill!! I have made this trip 3 times. While I would normally fly on my annual trips to Disney, 3 years in a row I decided to drive to see my dad and have a longer time with him so I needed my car. I made the trip with one sleeping college student who swore she would drive part of the way…3 hours MAYBE, and 4 kids 9 and under. The next year it was me…4 kids and the open road. The next year the whole family went all 13 of us in 2 cars. I am quite surprised my adult daughters still talk to me after talking them into that one. But the pay off at the end of the road was well worth it!! This November..we will be flying!! It is very doable and worth it in the end…many memories made! (mostly good)

  8. Can’t WAIT to hear about your trip. We wanted to go SO bad but couldn’t get our schedule to work. I think the longest we’ve been in the car at once is 7 hours
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