One Outfit, 4 Ways: Black Moto Vest Inspired by HP x360

All of us have outfits that we love and wear over and over again. That certainly is not a bad thing. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? But one of the things I love about reading style blogs and looking through style magazines is seeing combinations of clothing pieces that I own but have never thought to put together. That one show-stopping piece that can only be worn with black pants is fine. But a statement piece that you can wear over and over and never grow bored? That is a good investment.

I recently got this amazing leather quilted vest from Golden Tote (#addicted). Actually I didn’t get it from the website cause it sold out in a hot second, but I managed to score it from the Facebook trading group. I love this piece so much but have kind of been wearing it pretty much like they showed on their website.


I love this look, but I wasn’t being very creative and honestly it is too cool of a vest to only wear once in a blue moon with a grey shirt underneath.

So what triggered my burst of fashionista creativity? Actually, a computer. I was recently inspired by the HP x360  to come up with 4 different ways to wear my vest as I have been enjoying my new laptop and the 4 ways I can use it: Laptop, Tablet, Tent and Stand.

Quilted Vest 4 Ways

Moto Camo


Top: Gap (similar), Vest: Golden Tote (exact), Pants: Gap (similar), Shoes: Kohls (similar)

1. Camo: 

I had already been wearing the vest with a gray shirt, why not step it up a notch with my favorite camo pants. I love how this look has an understated edgy-ness to it. It would look awesome with some funky bangles but since I don’t own any funky bangles I kept the jewelry to a minimum (note to self, get funky bangles)

Moto Plaid

Vest: Golden Tote (exact), Plaid: Old Navy (similar), Undershirt: Everlane, Pants: AE (similar), Shoes: Target (similar)

2. Plaid:

Does anyone else love that the 90s are coming back? This outfit is like the mom version of grunge. I left the vest open for a more casual feel and again kept the jewelry really minimal. I think this look would be even better with a buffalo plaid but alas I do not have one.

Moto Fair Isle

Sweater: Old Navy, Vest: Golden Tote (exact), Jeans: AE, Shoes: Norstrom Rack (exact)

3. Fair Isle:

I’ve been having a love affair with fair isle for about two years. Maybe it is because I live in the frigid Midwest, but something about it just screams cozy nights curled up by the fire. But I was pretty much always wearing the sweater and jeans the exact same way. This vest allows me to combine two of my favorite articles of clothing into a hip, chic outfit. #winning

Moto Leggings

Dress: Old Navy (similar), Vest: Golden Tote (exact), Legging: Groopdealz (similar), Boots: Piperlime (similar), Necklace: Groopdealz (similar)

4. Dress: 

I love this casual sweatshirt dress so much but again sometimes I get really REALLY boring in how I wear it. I had the glorious idea to pair it with the vest and these fun winter leggings and absolutely love how it turned out. It dressed things up a little but barely and so it is still totally appropriate for my “mom running errands” lifestyle.

1 Piece, 4 different interpretations. I’m feeling quite inspired to mix things up with some other pieces in my wardrobe. I am also having a great deal of fun with the different ways I can use my new HP x360. I have never had a computer with a touchscreen before, but since I spend so much time on my phone and tablets it seems totally natural.

HP Tablet

I use it in tablet mode when I am reading articles, blogs or scrolling Pinterest. I could even use it as a reader if I wanted. The touchscreen has the perfect amount of sensitivity and although it is much bulkier than an actual tablet it is nice to be using it like a normal laptop and seamlessly transition to other uses.

HP Tent

We have been using it in tent mode to watch Netflix or to prop it up when I am cooking and need to reference a recipe. My kids occasionally use tent mode when they are playing games as well. Stand mode works really well for these features too. Of course it works beautifully as a normal laptop, and in fact my kids have to keep reminding me that I can use the touchscreen instead of the mousepad.

I am seriously finding new features nearly every time I use it! Apparently I’ve come to expect too little of my laptop in the past because I’m surprised about just how many needs are addressed in one device. I am all about this new computer.

Just like I am all about that bass. Okay, weird transition, BUT (get it?) HP is going on tour with the one and only Meghan Trainor. They are heading on the road with “All About that Tour” and creating some amazing behind the scene footage and a fan generated documentary via Instagram, Vine and You Tube.

Fashion has no rules and neither does HP. I am grateful for their inspiration in helping me think outside the box both in fashion and technology.

Which look is your favorite? 

This post was sponsored by Collectively and HP. All opinions are my own. 

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