On the road again

  Because I am some for of glutton for punishment we woke up this morning after about 36 hours of rest and recovery at home and got on the road. Again. For another road trip. With the children. To more hotels and a change in time zones.

Thankfully, my kids are getting really, really good at this. They have become champs in the car and awesome sleepers in hotels. Thanks to those room darkening shades that make it seem like the middle of the night at 10 in the morning. And the hotel pool to tire them out.

I am getting together with several old friends this weekend that I haven’t seen in a long time. In fact, the last time I saw these ladies we were single, fooloose and fancy free. Now we are married, have popped out a few kids and the only time we are footloose is when we catch Kevin Bacon on USA reruns. I would bet we have a few more grey hairs, a few more wrinkles and a few more pounds around the middle (at least I hope I am not the only one).

I am excited to hang out with these grown up versions of our former selves. Should be a good time remembering the way we were (thought I would end with a little Babs).


  1. Have lots of fun! I bet you will be the coolest grown-up of them all!

  2. Have a great time! Enjoy!

    Marias last blog post..Getting a Handle on Things

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