On The Road Again

 It is spring break here in Michigan and for us that means…ROAD TRIP. We are heading up into Canada to Niagara Falls with a couple of water park stops along the way. Yes we are driving the whole way with the kids. You may call us crazy, but I prefer adventurous. My kids are actually very accustomed to car travel so we hope for the best. There may possibly be some bribing with food and an occasional video. But I also like to kick it old school with the license plate and alphabet game. Also some good old fashion sing a longs thrown in for good measure.

So far, it hasn’t been too bad. Today we left at bedtime hoping the girls would fall asleep in the car. Lily did great, Hannah…not so much. She wasn’t being bad, just refusing to sleep until about 2 hours after her normal bed time. I am sure she will just sleep in tomorrow morning. Ahem. Anyway, we are getting up in the morning and heading into Canada and over to Niagara to indoor water park #1.

I will keep you posted…you should keep us in your prayers….for safety and sanity….and sleep.


  1. Indoor water parks???

    I’ve never heard of such a thing. Here in South Texas (where it has been freakishly hot for some time now) it’s tradition to go to waterparks, have fun all day in the sun, and return home exhausted. It’s then, and only then, that you realize in about a week you will be shedding your top three layers of skin.

  2. You are far more adventurous than us my friend! While Clare is used to car trips, I don’t know if she’d last in one that long. Sounds like lots of fun though!

  3. Happy trails. Hopefully your calves healed up after all that riding in the car though.

  4. SAHMmy Says says:

    Safe travels. Did you have to get passports for everybody to get into Canada? I hear different things.

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