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As I have been focusing a lot on gratitude with my children I have been forced to look at my own attitude toward gratitude. And frankly, it isn’t so good.

I manage to find ways to find things to complain about daily. Ridiculous things really. I manage to find things to feel as though I need on a daily basis. Need vs. want is still something I struggle with as a grown adult.

I have found it is better if I stay away from Pinterest. It just seems to show me that my house, food, body and mom skills are sub par. And has me wishing for bigger, better, brighter stuff. More stuff. That would make me happy.

I am generally a happy person. I would hope most people would describe me that way. Upbeat, optimistic, glass half full kind of person. But discontentment robs you of joy. It makes you focus on what you don’t have instead of all the wonderful things you do have.

I want to be content. I want to be one of those people who stares down adversity with a smile on her face. I know these people. Some of my close friends are these people and I think I am drawn to them because I am so much more likely to stare down adversity with a pout and a whine.

We are having a drought here as I suspect you are too. I picked up my CSA and watched my farmers working hard knowing that there just aren’t as many crops this year. Leaving the pick up spot I couldn’t get this song out of my head. It is time to focus once again on gratitude.

Send some rain, would You send some rain?
‘Cause the earth is dry and needs to drink again
And the sun is high and we are sinking in the shade
Would You send a cloud, thunder long and loud?
Let the sky grow black and send some mercy down
Surely You can see that we are thirsty and afraid
But maybe not, not today
Maybe You’ll provide in other ways
And if that’s the case . . .

We’ll give thanks to You
With gratitude
For lessons learned in how to thirst for You
How to bless the very sun that warms our face
If You never send us rain

Daily bread, give us daily bread
Bless our bodies, keep our children fed
Fill our cups, then fill them up again tonight
Wrap us up and warm us through
Tucked away beneath our sturdy roofs
Let us slumber safe from danger’s view this time
Or maybe not, not today
Maybe You’ll provide in other ways
And if that’s the case . . .

We’ll give thanks to You
With gratitude
A lesson learned to hunger after You
That a starry sky offers a better view if no roof is overhead And if we never taste that bread

Oh, the differences that often are between
What we want and what we really need

So grant us peace, Jesus, grant us peace
Move our hearts to hear a single beat
Between alibis and enemies tonight
Or maybe not, not today
Peace might be another world away
And if that’s the case . . .

We’ll give thanks to You
With gratitude
For lessons learned in how to trust in You
That we are blessed beyond what we could ever dream
In abundance or in need
And if You never grant us peace

But Jesus, would You please . . .

Gratitude by Nichole Nordeman


  1. I’ve been thinking about gratitude a lot recently as well. (Specifically, how to model it to my kids.) Just like you feel better staying away from Pinterest, I feel better when I don’t look at the advertisements in Sunday’s paper.

    This way I don’t have thoughts like, “Five minutes ago I never knew that thing existed, and now I want it.”

    Beautiful song — thanks for sharing this post!
    Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint recently posted…The PlungeMy Profile

  2. Your kids are blessed to have an introspective mom. Keep on the way you are going, I think it will bear unexpected fruit in your life. Thanks for sharing!

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