On Gratitude and Giving Back #SnacksForStudents

Yesterday my “assignment” for my Lenten minimalism challenge was to “practice gratitude”. I’d like to think I am an overall grateful person, but I know realistically that I take many many blessing for granted. And frankly I become rather grumbly in the winter. I have realized this week that to truly practice gratitude you really do need to take every negative thought captive. So throughout the day I would try to replace any inner monologue of complaint with a listing of a few blessings.

For me, one of the best ways to practice gratitude is by giving to others. It totally makes sense that the best way to appreciate our own blessing is to share them with others right? What a coincidence (or not) that my day of practicing gratitude coincided with a blog campaign about giving to others!

For the third year in a row I am partnering with Champions for Kids to benefit kids in my local community. In 2012 we made care packages for our foster care agency. In 2013 we donated granola bars to Kids’ Food Basket. And in 2014 we partnered with local school districts to serve healthy snacks to kids in need. This year we are back to helping out Kids’ Food Basket serve the more than 5500 kids who are from food insecure households in Grand Rapids.


From now until March 4th, you can head to more than 3,600 participating Walmart stores and purchase snacks and breakfast items for children and place them inside designated donation bins. I was so blessed to be able to name Kids’ Food Basket as the local charity for our Grand Rapids Walmart on 28th St. In addition to our donations, Champions for Kids, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Emerald and Kettle Chips will provide 13 awards, totaling $45,000, to school districts and participating youth-based organizations based on the total number of donated items collected in each store. Y’all I REALLY want to win that award for Kid’s Food Basket so I need your help.

I picked up the kids from school on Tuesday and we headed to Walmart armed with a gift card for $100 to buy some healthy snacks. I used Kids’ Food Basket’s wish list as a guide and was amazed at how far $100 could go at Walmart. I actually loaded up my cart and checked out before realizing we had only spent half of what we had on the card. So back we went to grab another cartload. The kids were getting excited picking out snacks and bringing them to the mostly empty boxes in the front of the store. By the time we were done, we had those bins half filled.


But we need your help. I know all of you aren’t local, but as you can see from the 3,600 participating Walmart stores there are stores all across the country benefiting many amazing organizations. But if you are local, would you consider heading to the 28th St. Grand Rapids Walmart and helping to fill that bin so more children in Grand Rapids can have full bellies at night? Like I mentioned above, your dollar goes a long way at Walmart so it doesn’t take much money to have a big impact. 

I am so grateful to Champions for Kids and their Simple Giving program. They are passionate about helping children around the country. Since 2004, Champions for Kids has served more than 5.4 million children across all 50 states through in-store donation campaigns, service projects and community events. This year their Snacks for Students program has a HUGE goal of providing resources for more than 10 million children. My favorite part about their Snack For Students program is that everything stays in your local community benefiting children in your backyard.

So before March 4th will you head to Walmart, fill a cart with snacks and drop it off at the marked bins in the front of your stores? It seriously couldn’t be easier. The best side effect of giving is that you remember to be grateful for all that you have as well. A very simple way to practice gratitude.



This post is sponsored by Champions for Kids and The Motherhood. I am so passionate about childhood hunger and am grateful for the opportunity to share about this awesome program. I was provided with a gift card to buy snacks and compensation for my time. 


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