On Getting Older

I woke up today to breakfast in bed. After the kids by some sort of birthday miracle slept in and the hubby let me sleep in a little later. That would have been birthday present enough.

But a few hours later I was called up to Lily’s room and she had set up a little spa for me.


She gave me a nice massage, braided my hair and did my nails


8 year old manicure. Fancy stripes. As someone on Facebook said, “It’s like you have the whole world at your fingertips”

It isn’t just that I got pampered on my birthday. Frankly I had a “real” spa appointment in the afternoon that was an amazing hour and a half of bliss. But the fact that I am raising a child that is old enough to think of doing something so sweet for her mama astounds me. She looked for ways all day to celebrate me whether it be coming up with games to entertain her siblings or making lunch for everyone. It is pretty awesome when you not only love your kid but like them.

Hannah decided she wanted to take the training wheels off her bike last fall. But after trying a few times she declared she did not want to ride her bike at all. This spring she decided she would in fact ride without training wheels but wanted no help of any kind.

Uh. We all were a bit bunch of doubters. I tried to turn it into a teachable moment many times talking about how we need help in life and how we shouldn’t try and do things ourselves, but she wasn’t having any of it. She wanted to do this herself.

Well darn it if this afternoon she didn’t figure it out. After weeks of her trying to master starting the bike from a standstill, she started pedaling and off she went. Up and down the block, time after time, screaming “mom watch” over her shoulder.

ride bike

I have never thought of her and my independent kid. Lily definitely is and Silas is smack in the middle of the “I do it myself” years, but the thrill of figuring something out without anyone’s help was bursting out of her. My pride in her was only surpassed by her pride in herself.

We are all getting older around here. And I am pretty ok with that.


  1. Wow, pretty nails! And how sweet that she came up with that idea all by herself.
    Happy Birthday! As one who believes in week-long celebrations, I hope it’s been spectacular so far.
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