On Changing Idols

When you are younger, you waste a lot of time wishing you were other people. Sometimes they are people in your life who seem to have it easier than you (but rarely do), but often they are famous people that we want to be like.

For me, growing up loving all things music, these people were always singers. I would grab a hairbrush or anything else I could turn into a microphone and sing my heart out with the occasional break to accept my numerous awards.

At some point, and I am not sure when, we kind of stop such silliness and settle into ourselves. It isn’t that we necessarily love ourselves, but we gain the wisdom to recognize that being someone else isn’t going to fix anything.

That being said, there are still people we become giddy over meeting. Odd how much those people change as we become parents. A few weeks ago I got to meet one of my idols.

In case you haven’t discovered Laurie Berkner, let me introduce you. She makes some of the most delightful kid’s music that we have been listening to since Lily was little. We love her. So, I was super excited to hear she was coming to Grand Rapids. Her show was so much fun and did not disappoint one bit.

Even more exciting, the hubby had been assigned to help welcome her and her band. I begged him to arrange a meet and greet. I mean for the KIDS of course. But as you can see from my smile I couldn’t hide my excitement when we finally got to meet her. She even sang a few of our favorites that didn’t make it into the show.

I love my life and wouldn’t change it for the world. But if she needed a tambourine player to tour the countryside with her, I might reconsider……

Who would you love to meet now that you are a mom?


  1. I think the Imagination Movers guys look like lots of fun. I kind of have a crush on the drummer. My 4 yo loves the They Might Be Giants Here Come the ABCs songs, so they would be fun too.

    And not mom-related, but I would love to actually spend time with some of my favorite Texas Rangers. I’m such a sports nerd.
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