Olympic Fever


So if the 2008 Olympics were marked by total apathy (yes, I wrote about being anti-human back then), the 2012 Olympics are marked by complete obsession.

I can. not. get. enough.

I have caught the fever and can usually be found every night live tweeting my Olympic viewing experience. Believe me. The internet is riveted.

Nothing can kill my Olympics groove. I know everyone is complaining about the NBC coverage and honestly I have no idea what Ryan Seacrest is adding to the dialogue, but I can’t seem to be bothered by it all. It could be because, as I said on Facebook, I have yet to have a race outcome spoiled for me. Possibly because I get the bulk of my news from People.com. I can however spoil the outcome of the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise marriage in case you missed that.

Missy Franklin is my absolute favorite so far. Jordyn Wieber is a close second. In a world where the “idols” held up to my daughters are Kim Kardashian and Katie Perry, I love that there are strong young women with amazing amounts of poise, grace and humility.

The stories, the nail-biting finishes, the underdogs, the champions. I am addicted.

Are you following the Olympics? Who are your favorites?


  1. Love, love, love everything about the Olympics! I just heard an awesome story today about a cyclist. She was a model who suffered from anorexia/bulemia. During her recovery, she was able to work out, but she had to pick something that she had never done before so she wouldn’t slip back into old habits. She chose cycling and is now in the OLYMPICS!!! How crazy is that?!?!

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