Old McDonald Has a Shameful Secret


I have an embarrassing secret. One I must admit out loud because maybe the shame of it all will make me stop.

I have become addicted to Farm Story on my iTouch.

It started as an innocent way to keep Lily entertained. A “friend” who shall remain nameless (because she is my enabler- link to the app is provided above so I can be your enabler as well) told me her son really liked the game and so we checked it out. My daughter loved it and it got two thumbs up from me for being harmless and age appropriate.

But then one day as I was checking email I got notification that some crops were ready to be harvested. I knew Lily wouldn’t be home from school until that afternoon so I decided to go check out what was going on and harvest her crops for her.

Suddenly I am going on several times a day to check on my crops and animals. And rearranging the farm to look better. And visiting other people’s farms to see how they arrange theirs and judging them based on the Feng Shui-ness of it all.

I am kidding that would be crazy. As opposed to hours spent tending an imaginary farm which is completely sane.

I wish I could say I was addicted to appropriate iTouch applications like Angry Birds or Words With Friends. But nope. For me it is a fake farm with fake produce and fake livestock.

Remember that friend of mine who hooked me up with Farm Story? My Farm Story dealer if you will? Well one of the aspects of the game is that you add people as your “neighbors” and then tend to their farms and give them gifts (oh my word typing this is making me realize the full extent of my LAMENESS).

One day I noticed that all the gifts and all the tending from her farmer was happening at like 11 at night. Which was when I was often on dealing with my farm before bed (oh my word help me). Suddenly it hit me. Our kids were no longer playing Farm Story together. WE were playing Farm Story together. Two grown adult women staying up late at night rearranging our virtual plots of farm land.

If you need me I will be over here hanging my head in shame…..while I tend to my potatoes…….


  1. I was addicted to Farmville. I would plant my crops so that they would be ready when I was home. I spent way too much time playing the game each day and advancing to the next level. Last year I finally had to delete the application.
    Karen recently posted…Menu Plan Monday- May 30- 2011My Profile

  2. LOL!! Love this. I used to be addicted to this on Facebook. Had to cut myself off cold turkey.
    Stephanie recently posted…Show your manners!My Profile

  3. It’s okay… there are multitudes of these on FB… I was addicted to Farm Town for awhile and yes, I spent hours tending my crops and rearranging my farm, even playing on my husbands account so that I could send myself the gifts I needed… :P
    It got too much but I do play Restaurant City and it still takes up way too much of my time. And yes, I still use my husbands account as well.
    Lame Gamers Unite!

  4. Oh my word- say it ain’t so :)!!!

  5. Ha – this is hilarious! I’m not really addicted to a game but man oh man I can waste some time checking up on twitter or reading blogs from my email.
    Miranda recently posted…Monday Mentions May 30My Profile

  6. hahahaha! Love this post. I don’t play these games, but this had me cracking up. :)
    Erin G recently posted…Last Day of SchoolMy Profile

  7. Ha! This is hilarious! I’ve never played Farm Story. I’ll resist the urge to visit the link and tend to my own little virtual frontier. :)

  8. OH BOY! I clicked the link, but then stopped it before it could load. I’m just getting over a Cityville addiction. I’ve been there with Farmville and Frontierville and when my daughter was in preschool, we had a whole preschool mommy mafia going with Mafia Wars!

    Currently, my time suck is Bejeweled Blitz :P
    Sarah @ Sarah’s Deals recently posted…Free 25 Points from RecyclebankMy Profile

  9. SOo funny! I have that problem with Facebook. Um. Yeah. Somehow the gaming gene has passed me altogether and I’m even bored with words with friends. But facebook is my weakness!

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