Oh the things they say

Went strawberry picking with my kiddos and my mom today. It was fun, but we tired out quickly in the hot sun. On the way home we were talking about how food comes from farms and how fun it is to visit farms when the following transpired.

Daughter #1: “Remember that time when we went to the Alpaca farm?”

Me: “Yes, can you tell Coco (her grandma) about Alpacas”

Daughter #1: Begins rattling off various facts about Alpacas. Then says, “They also can’t bite you because they only have teeth on their bums.”

My mom and I begin to giggle and ask her to repeat herself. She says the same thing very seriously. I then realize that when the tour lady at the Alpaca farm told the kids about Alpacas, she did say they couldn’t bite you because they only had teeth on the bottom.

Apparently, my daughter has been under the impression for months that they had teeth in their butt.


  1. canearl says:

    That is too funny. That’s so cool that you’re blogging this stuff so that you can show her when she gets older.

  2. Ah hah ah aha!! Oh the imagery! That cracks me up!

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