Ode to Casey: Top Ten Tuesday

I so hope that if you are a blogger you have had the privilege of meeting and knowing Casey of Moosh in Indy. I remember very vividly the first time I met her right down to the clothes she was wearing (mustard colored dress by Shabby Apple). And I mean that in the least, creepy stalkerish way. I remember because I was a newbie at Blissdom two years ago and boldly tweeted from the opening session, “Ok, I’m here, who do I need to meet?” and I look up to see Casey waving from across the room. I am so glad I met her and here are ten reasons why.



  1. The girl loves herself some karaoke. So we are kindred spirits like that. She nails Redneck Woman and rocks some cowboy boots while doing it. (p.s. totally stole this picture from her blog….don’t tell)
  2. She writes fearlessly. Seriously, I marvel at her bravery with the written word. Her posts about her struggles with infertility and depression will rock you to your core. This one in particular just blows my mind. So very brave.
  3. She doesn’t drink, but parties like nobody’s business. Seriously, search a flickr stream and if there is a bloggy party to be had, she will be in the center of it. The girl is a walking good time. And I mean that in the purest most possible way Winking smile
  4. She is the most amazing photographer. Rarely have I seen her without and camera in hand to capture the most fun pictures. But this one where she managed to capture her BFF’s joy at holding her newborn son takes my breath away.image
  5. Despite struggling with infertility for years Casey is pregnant with an amazing miracle of a baby girl. Which makes me smile huge just typing it.
  6. And she ROCKED that baby bump at Blissdom this year waddling her way out on the floor for the most amazing flashmob ever. I can always find myself in flashmob videos by looking for Casey then looking directly left. I LOVED seeing her get her dance on next to me. It made the flashmob even more fabulous.
  7. image
  8. She is gorgeous inside AND out. She not only pulled off this amazing vintage look for the BowlHer 09 party, it scored her tickets to see Project Runway. I pretty much followed her around all night that night trying to bask in the gloriousness that was that dress.
  9. She pimped out my blog series about sex once on her blog (I loved her post) and my traffic that day took me to a very happy place. Seriously, my little traffic graph had a very nice spike in it. P.S. Casey, you can do that weekly and I won’t be mad at ya.
  10. She is such an amazing friend to bloggers everywhere that Emily, her BFF and also awesome blogger from Design Her Momma, had no trouble wrangling up a whole gaggle of bloggers to love bomb Casey with 15 weeks of posts celebrating her. I am really honored to be one of them.

Your job is to help me celebrate. If you know Casey, I would love it if you would leave a word of two telling her why she is worth celebrating. I gave you ten little nuggets of inspiration because I’m a giver. Speaking of givers, Emily is also hosting a giveaway post on her blog every Saturday for baby Mozzi. Casey and a commenter will both be gifted something fabulous so check that out as well.

Thanks Casey for being such a bright corner of the internet. P.s.s. please bring baby up north with Emily when you pop her out. I need some baby snuggles ASAP.

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  1. Casey is an awesome mother, celebrating the little things! She’s an awesome friend reaching out to those in need. Casey is an awesome writer, drawing you in with her words and making you think! And then she writes back to your comments too! ;)

  2. I spent an afternoon with Casey and the Moosh. Moosh is as cute as can be and Casey is a sweetheart. She blogs honestly and has helped so many people with her candor.
    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy recently posted…Amazon Valentine Playlist FreebieMy Profile

  3. What a fun post! A love bomb, indeed!
    oh amanda recently posted…Crafty Fun People I Met at Blissdom- Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile

  4. You pretty much nailed everything that is wonderful about Casey! It’s so very selfish, but I’m so glad that she calls Indy home. I love having her so close by!
    Angie @ Just Like The Number recently posted…Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies- The Easy WayMy Profile

  5. Frelle says:

    Thank you for this Ode to Casey.

    I think Casey is awesome because of the obvious depth of her love for her friends, and how clearly she is grateful for those friends loving her deeply right back. She speaks so transparently about her struggles and her successes, and I value her authenticity and bravery like you do. In so many ways, I would like to be more like her. :) Love you, Caseymoosh.

  6. 1. I need to write my gay friends back in SLC and thank them for taking me to so many gay bars and convincing me that showtune karakoke is a must.

    2. That flashmob nearly killed me dead. I spent the rest of the night on all fours trying to convince Mozzi to turn back around already and there’s no way you’re coming out my bellybutton tonight so quit trying already (the secret truth of pregnant flashmobbers.)

    3. The best part of that project runway trip to NYC? $200 stipend to spend on room service. It was amazing.

    4. I still remember EXACTLY where you were sitting during my first ever moderating panel at Blissdom. I don’t remember where anyone else was, but I totally remember where you were.

    5. I love your bangs.

    6. I love you. Thank you for dedicating a day in your personal world to me. It’s like the best non personal space invasion hug ever.

    (um, sorry I only have 6, I’m being demanded to report to the other room to play ponies.)

  7. Thanks for introducing me to Casey. I just hoped over to her blog- was stunned by the realness of it and I am not going to go read more.

    I am also going to work on not being jealous. Blissdom? Maybe one day. For now, I just create my own little bliss in my corner of the world. (ya, it’s good. really good… that’s what I’m telling myself, anyway)
    Jane Anne recently posted…Do you see what I seeMy Profile

  8. Casey is amazing. And even though I rocked her world in Guitar Hero we are still friends. (although she did have some mad dancing during the song so she totally should have won on style points alone) When my dog was missing & I was afraid that he had gotten hit by a car she offered to call places for me so I wouldn’t be the one to hear the news. She gives the best hugs & rocks the red lipstick. I luff her to bits and so happy to call her friend.
    domestic extraordinaire recently posted…Flashback Friday-The Jetson car editionMy Profile

  9. This is the greatest, I love that you love your friend! I added her to my reader because she sounds awesome:)
    Joules recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday Ways to Get Out of a Mild FunkMy Profile

  10. She is one of my favorite bloggers! Glad to hear everyone else loves her too ;)
    Amy recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- Monetize Your BlogMy Profile

  11. What a cool sounding lady! I am off to check this fun lady out!
    Sara@domesticallychallenged recently posted…Old Mattresses- Corelle Plates- Life Lessons- and my DadMy Profile

  12. you know how I feel about her. :)
    designhermomma recently posted…When bad ideas go badMy Profile

  13. Seriously, HOW long have I been in blogland and never found her? Goodness gracious. LOVE her already. Of course :)
    Amanda – VintageDutchGirl recently posted…Nautical FashionMy Profile

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