O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


We put our tree up last night (in case you need a brilliant tip about how to hang your lights on your tree, I have one). I firmly believe that Christmas decorating should occur the weekend after Thanksgiving Thursday. Not before. Not after. My hubby tried to fight me on it this year saying we had too much going on that weekend, but I fought back and won.

It is tradition. You don’t mess with tradition.

He understands this because growing up it was his tradition to get a real tree. I grew up with a fake tree and have tried for many years to convince him that this is the more economical solution. I almost got him to budge last year with some after Christmas sales, but in the end it didn’t work.

I should know better than to try but this year I brought my arguments to the table again. He looked at me in mock seriousness and said, “Having a fake tree at Christmas is like having a fake Jesus.” Okay then. Clearly the man has some VERY strong feelings about his trees.

As a side note: I posted this on Facebook and one of my friends noted that he must be very into live nativity scenes in the house because plastic ones would not do. How awesome would that be to have some camels and and a gaggle of shepherds hanging out on your coffee table?

Anyway, the house is decorated for Christmas and it just puts me in my happy place. The kids go to sleep and I turn off all the lights in the house except the Christmas tree and just bask in its glow. It is the most beautiful place in the world.

Until it isn’t. Until the daylight hours when I spend my time yelling, “Don’t touch that tree”. “Don’t get so close.” “What was that crash?????”

Yes, the kids were home from school approximately 2.3 seconds before we had our first ornament casualty. Actually Silas the littlest one of the bunch has been the most respectful of the tree. It was the big girls twirling around the living room to Christmas music that hit a branch and knocked an ornament to its death.

I am fairly confident that I am becoming a tree Scrooge. In fact I hashtagged #treescrooge today on Twitter. Is it against the spirit of Christmas to sit near my tree like a crotchety old man and scream at my kids “Stay away from my tree!!!!!”?

Forget that creepy little elf from the shelf. I am going to design some sort of Tree Scrooge that somehow screams at kids when they get within 3 feet of the tree. That’ll put everyone in the holiday spirit. Judging from the word on Twitter and Facebook, I am pretty sure I would make a killing.

Fess up in the comments. Are you a tree scrooge?


  1. abba12 says:

    I can’t wait! Since we don’t have thanksgiving in Australia it was always my tradition that the tree goes up on the 1st of december. We’ve had some awfully busy stuff happen that day, but it’s always the first of december, every year, even if we’re up at midnight doing it.

    As for real or fake… I live in the state of Queensland, the state closest to the equator, and christmas is in the middle of summer, no one has real trees up here except the weirdos that use a pot plant. I have heard of people managing a tree of some form down south where it’s colder though.

  2. Kristen says:

    Here’s an interesting article on real vs. fake trees:


    Granted, once you buy a fake tree you (in theory) have it for life but it is an interesting read.

  3. unless we develop some kind of allergy or live in a place where you literally can’t get a Christmas tree I will always have a real one! we have a tradition of getting them ourselves (I wrote about it today) and usually my tree is decorated the Sunday after Thanksgiving too, but we had some craziness going on so the tree is up, but still completely bare. We shall see how it survives the toddler this year… and some of my ornaments may stay in the boxes!

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