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We have had a week of sickies around here. You might remember from Tuesday that Silas has a double ear infection and sinus infection. (By the way your comments on that post FAR exceeded my actual post. If you missed them, you seriously need to go back and read. I was laughing SO hard). Well on Tuesday night right before dinner Hannah started screaming and grabbing her ear. That is never a good sign.

We gave her some Advil and some homeopathic ear drops and that seemed to do the trick. Until one in the morning when the screaming began again. Yippee. Please someone tell me that someday I will sleep again. We headed to the pediatrician the next morning and got the diagnosis of ear infection. Thankfully only in one ear this time.

On a side note I recently started using Foursquare and since that time have become “mayor” twice. Once at my dentist and once at the pediatrician. I am clearly living the dream.

So we are all drugged up around here and finally on the mend. We are typically very healthy around here ever since we made changes to our diet eating more “real” and healthy foods. But since I recently started going to the gym again and putting my kids in their daycare, their poor little immune systems have been assaulted.

There is one upside to sick babies. Extra baby snuggles. While I would never want my kids to be sick, I will take every advantage of those snuggly moments. As my kids get older the snuggles get fewer and I need to soak up every one I can get.

This post is linked up to Finer Things Friday at Amy’s Finer Things cause baby snuggles and healthy kids are most definitely a finer thing.


  1. Sick babies are so SAD, aren’t they? (And, of course, so frustrating when you Just Need Some Sleep!) I hate hearing that your kiddos have ear infections. (Although, I’m not gonna lie. I kind of hated hearing from our pediatrician, “It’s just a cold! Nothing we can do! Give her some honey for the cough!”)

    Hang in there. I hope you get some rest this weekend!! And I hope your kids get – and stay – healthy!!
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  2. Oh… poor sickies. Luckily we’ve been shockingly healthy here lately. I probably shouldn’t have said that, though.

    But yes – I totally get the snuggles. The only time Goober ever stops is when he’s sick. It’s bittersweet.
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  3. Hope your sickies feel better soon! I agree, though, that the extra snuggles that accompany sickies are an upside to it. My 6yo was recently sick and she wanted very few cuddles. It goes by so quickly!

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