Now That's the way to sell on Ebay!

ebay.jpg If you are need of a good laugh (the kind of link that after having children you should really cross your legs to read) go over hereand check out this ebay auction. Then for more “pee in your pants” reading check out the seller’s blog. She has totally been added to my blogroll. Thankfully, the combo of the 2 reads have nearly knocked the PMS right out of me (I said “nearly” dear hubby)


  1. Wow that is hysterical! Apparently I need to start narrating my husband’s ebay listings! DAG YO!

  2. adventuremom says:

    OMG! I peed my pants and read it to my hubby. I am adding her to my blog roll too! She is too funny. I hope those cards end up going for more than her grocery bill.

  3. That’s hysterical! I’ve added her to my google reader so I can keep up with her posts. I’m going to have to forward my hubby the link. That’s a way to make money off your kids :)

  4. Oh my word!! I can’t believe how much she got for that…and now she’s got a bag pattern up for over a hundred bucks!? Unreal. I need to get in on this craziness!!

  5. Someone emailed this to me and I laughed my head off!! I’m glad you added her to your blog roll- I forgot to get her blog info.

  6. That was TOO funny! She certainly has a unique way of writing. I’ll bet she’s a hoot in real life too.

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