Note to Archuletta: Don't Quit Your Day Job

  So I need to do my American Idol update for y’all. Sometimes I wish I was from the South so I could say that. The hubby got me tickets to the American Idol live show for my birthday. Cause he knows ifI was a mere 5 years younger, I would be hauling myself to some city to audition and have Simon tell me I was mediocre at best. But Paula would tell me I look pretty and Randy would tell me it was al’ight. And that new girl? Why the heck is she there again? To offset the Paula crazies?

Anyway, I immediately questioned our decision to attend when we walked in and were surrounded by 8-10 year olds squealing in David Archuletta t-shirts. The only people our age were parents of said tweeners. Or middle aged women with David Cook signs. Which just made me sad really.

But then we got to our seats and they weren’t near the young crazies. We were near a way overenthusiastic, fairly lame middle age male who was some sort of sad Idol wannabe (yes I know I am one too, but without the lame so I can judge freely). When the lights went down and the show started I forgot about all others and just focused on enjoying the show.

Each Idol basically came out in reverse order (i.e. 10-1) and sang 3 songs. Here is my expert analysis.

Chikezie: my least favorite contestant on the actual show. He actually was amazing live. Very entertaining and sang really great songs. The man doesn’t know how to dress to save his life, but I found myself pleasantly surprised.

Ramiele: Clearly out of her league. Sorry sweetie, you are cute and all, but you don’t have the pipes or the stage presence to pull this off. I was kind of bored.

Micheal Johns: Other than being a teensy bit disappointed that he wasn’t rocking the ascot, I was so loving everything he did. Love the accent, love the singing, love the rockstar poses, love the whole dealio. Why you were #7, I will never know. He was amazing.

Kristy Lee Cook: Didn’t get her horse back. Just so you know. Otherwise a little underwhelming. But the girl knows how to dress. And who doesn’t get goosebumps during “Proud To Be An American.” Seriously.

Carly: You were awesome. Love the voice, love the stage presence, love the song choice. Cause it is really all about the song choice people. Questioned the wardrobe choice. The girls were really on display. Really on display. And it was rather distracting. And the camera man putting your image on the big screen. He really seemed to be a fan.

Brooke: Rose up from under the stage sitting at the piano singing “Let It Be.” I heart her. And her hair did not disappoint. Then she sang some Feist which was quite fun. Can’t remember what the last song was cause frankly I was underwhelmed. Wait, it was “Yellow” by Coldplay. Bold choice, but I am not sure you pulled it off. But I love ya Brooke. And I would give my right arm for your hair.

Jason Castro: Somewhere Over the Rainbow and your little ukelele obviously was fabulous. Then you went with a weird version of “Crazy” by Narles Barkley. Which I actually enjoyed even though I thought I wouldn’t. Can’t remember the name of the last song, but you were fabulous. I actually wasn’t digging you much during the season, but you might have won me over, again, could be the hair.

Syesha: Was not a huge fan during the show. Although I did always feel the judges were quite harsh on her. Tonight she definitely showed why she was #3. She sang some Rhianna, Alicia Keyes and Beyonce. And she held her own. Seriously!! I was majorly impressed. And those heels. I really need a place to wear like a 3 inch stiletto. Cause I am thinkin’ cleaning house doesn’t justify a new pair of Jimmy Choos.

Archuletta: It is no secret I am not a fan of yours. And the tweenagers squealing at ranges that make dogs howl was not helping. Seriously, it was insane. What I haven’t told you readers yet is that the show was sponsored by Pop Tarts. And I live a stones throw away from Kelloggs headquarters. So I guess the contestants had each been told to thank Pop Tarts cause they all did which kept making me giggle. But Archie took it to a new level. And he is not what we would call a gifted speaker. Here is a snippit:

So, thanks to Pop Tarts for giving us the opportunity to sing for you tonight. Cause without then we wouldn’t have this opportunity. And this opportunity is so great. Cause of Pop Tarts. And their opportunities. And cause of you. Thanks for supporting us. Cause your support is so um…supportive. And we just owe you a lot. And the Pop Tarts people…(all peppered with a very weird high pitched laugh

But the young girls kept screaming so maybe I am missing something. Like the part of my brain that thinks there is a purpose in screaming like a dying cat. He sang some stuff too, but I went to pee. Sorry Archie. I just can’t stomach too much.

Cook: Well he left no doubt that he should have won. He delivered. And looked like a rock star. He bantered with the crowd. Shook the screaming cougars in the front row’s hands. Threw guitar picks out. He had me at “Hello.” Oh my gosh, that was funny. Cause he opened with “Hello”….get it. Holy crap I am on a roll.

All in all an excellent night with the hubby. And I got to be Simon Cowell for a few hours. Next up the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour. And dancing I know nothing about so I am sure the commentary will be riveting.


  1. you brave brave girl! I wouldn’t mind having tickets to see “dancing with the stars.” we all have our shows that we love and sadly, I did watch 90210*giggle* the other night. I get so excited when the fall starts b/c it is time for season premieres.

    the characters last blog post..Merci, Danke, Toda, Grazie tanto, Gracias, OR THANKS

  2. I have my smelling salts in hand for when you faint…but…I never watch A.I. SHOCKING I know…it is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Or the sound a cat makes when it’s tail gets stepped on……..however, wonderful, hilarious commentary!!!

    Grey’s Anatomy starts up in only a couple of weeks! WOOOOOOOO!

    Katis last blog post..Sarah Palin

  3. Love the new site…you’re definitely big time when you got your own site.
    Wish I could have seen the AI tour. We’re always gone when they come through OH. Sometimes the top 10 sing so well together…this season’s crew didn’t seem like they did? Did they do any songs together? I agree with you…Loved Carly, Brooke & Cook…they were faves.

    Krystys last blog post..What would you do?

  4. At least it wasn’t a Miley Cyrus concert. I think that you probably would’ve been mugged by said 10 year olds for your tickets! Glad that you had fun and got to get a night out! JEALOUS!!

    Jackies last blog post..Slip Sliding Away…

  5. That sounds like fun. Thanks for the recap, since I doubt I’ll ever get to the concert myself. I was a big Michael Johns fan as well and will never know why he left so early. Take care!

    Georgia Moms last blog post..The Beach…

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