Nine Bras Every Woman Should Have In Her Arsenal

9 Bras

I will admit that when it comes to spending money on clothes, bras are one area that gets sadly neglected. I only have so much money to go around and I get sucked into buying all sorts of adorable things that people will actually see. So I usually get a bra in a few colors, wear them until they fall apart, and call it a day.

But I have talked before about the importance of good shapewear and how the right sized bra can make you look perkier and skinnier. I need to start practicing what I preach and get some more well-fitting, good quality bras.

Aerie wants to help take the guesswork out of bra shopping. They have put together this great infographic detailing the 9 bras every woman should own. I am batting 3/9 at this point. Time to step up my game!

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I love how helpful the Aerie website is when it comes to bra shopping (in fact you can get some tips on troubleshooting bra problems and bra facts 101 over on the Aerie blog). I also have found amazing customer service in their stores. Their sales associates are incredibly knowledgable about their products and what works for different body types and needs. I think I will head there this weekend to add a few of the “missing pieces” to my repertoire.

What are you missing from your nine must-have bras? What frustrates you about bra shopping? 

Disclosure: I received an Aerie gift card as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. I’m missing quite a few of these, and have to say that I’m a little worried that I’m too old for a layering bra. Sob.
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  2. I have never tried Aerie, but MAN do i need some new bras!! Heading over to check them out. I love the graphic!

  3. Great info, but as a large-chested lady, I can assure you that I do NOT need a push up bra! Lift? Sure. Swell? Um, NO.

    I super duper agree with the importance a quality sports bra, though! Mine is actually lost in the house somewhere at the moment, and my daily 1 mile walks are quite uncomfortable without it. I will probably be getting a new one this weekend!
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  4. As a professional organizer, I see a lot of drawers with *old* bras, ill-fitting bras, bras that never fit ever, bras for breast-feeding when the youngest child is in college. But we all deserve bras that fit really well and make us look our best — and we need the confidence to let go of the ones that fail to fit or flatter.

    I’m a little dubious that any bras “should be seen” under tops. If a bra is designed to be seen, surely the value is in the anticipation and eventual (private) display, no? Certainly not everyone needs all nine — as Tiffany noted, those of us who are ample need nothing padded or pushed up. Though, I wouldn’t mind a sports bra that kept me from suffocating when I’m doing a downward dog in yoga or a jack-knife in Pilates — a sports bra that defies gravity is a sub-category we really need!
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    • I keep bras WAY past their expiration date. Why don’t we feel like we need nice bras and underwear? When I am wearing something pretty underneath it totally changes the way I feel!!

  5. Okay, this is crazy. Nine? NINE?! I have three of the exact same bra (different colors), and feel pretty good about that, haha! I could use a pushup bra, I believe, and definitely a few sports bras. But I’m pretty sure I won’t be adding a plunge or layering bra to my wardrobe. Nope, not this girl!
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