New Year, New Blog Title?


ps. don’t forget the new marriage blog launches today. I would love it if you would go check it out! especially out new “author” page which is just cracking me up!

Happy 2012!! Can you believe it? As I get older time just goes by insanely fast.

We spent a lot of time over Christmas break watching old videos we had taken of my kids. You know how old ladies pull you aside and tell you to cherish all the moments you really REALLY don’t want to cherish because it goes by quickly. Well man. It is happening.

We had such a lovely holiday break. Lots of fun family giggling time. A few days where we didn’t make it out of pajamas. A few days where Lily and I laid in bed and polished off novels (reading them, not writing them). A few days with dance parties in the living room.

Even a few days potty training. Perhaps you followed the saga on Twitter. “Santa” got Silas some underpants (after training two girls I keep calling them panties much to my husband’s horror). I figured Christmas break was a good time to work on potty training because Ryan was off a fair amount and we would be home a lot.

The first day I gave up 2 hours in after several accidents and repeated (REPEATED) distractions from two sisters who were getting on my last “mom, she’s bothering me” nerve. I just didn’t think taking up drinking at ten a.m. was worth being diaper free. So I figured I would bag it and try again in six months (or six years).

But the thing is Silas REALLY wanted to go potty on the big potty (why oh why is my vocabulary consisting of the word potty these days?). He kept asking and asking to sit on it and although he wasn’t doing anything once he got on there I kept thinking it wasn’t wise to miss this window.

So yesterday we gave it another shot. Right off the bat in the morning we had 2 successes. We danced, we did a sticker chart and I gave him candy. Then I turned my back and he had peed all over (thankfully on the hardwood). Then I stumbled upon something genius. He had been asking for candy canes all day (I have no idea why or how a boy with a vocabulary of 5 words can say candy cane) so I went to the store and bought some small ones 75% off.

Those babies were the golden ticket. All I had to do was mention candy cane and he ran to the potty. We had a minor mishap with #2 so that is still up in the air, but #1 seems to be going very well. So at the risk of jinxing the whole thing I think 2012 might be The Diaper Free Diaries. Oh let it be so!!


  1. Okay, UM. HOW is it possible that that child is old enough to be POTTY TRAINED!!!??? I remember holding that baby, and it was only 2 months ago, right? RIGHT??? Gah, time flies.
    Jo-Lynne {Musings of a Housewife} recently posted…Goal for 2012 :: GIVEMy Profile

  2. Congrats to the little guy! And Diaper Free Diaries sounds so much better than what I was thinking (The Un-Diapered Diaries)!
    jubilee recently posted…Resolving The New YearMy Profile

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