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My daughters are girly girls and because of that they believe there is only one appropritate hair style for girls. Long. And while long is cute in Tangled, long is not cute in the morning when I am trying to come through a mess of bed head while my girls screaming like I am sawing off their arms. I was growing tired of my children looking like well dressed hobos, but we were rolling with it because they begged me to keep their hair long.

My mother on the other hand was having no more of it. Whenever she was around the girls she could coax them into letting her braid their hair so that it was a bit more presentable. I would have done the same, but I have no idea how to make little girl’s hair cute besides putting some sort of barrette in it. Seriously, God is just laughing at me giving me girls.

Frankly, Hannah can pull of the long hair a bit better. It has some curl to it and is a bit thinner so the tangled mess doesn’t appear quite so tangled and messy. But Lily’s hair was becoming a mess and she was starting to gradually resemble cousin It.

My mom, knowing how Lily is HIGHLY motivated by money asked me if I minded if she offered Lily a $10 “bribe” in order to get her to cut her hair. As long as it wasn’t my money I was all for it. So I asked Lily one more time if we could please go get her hair cut into a cute bob. She adamantly refused. Then I asked her if she would get her hair cut for $10. She told me to make the appointment for later in the afternoon.

So I made an appointment for both girls to get their haircut the next day and we talked through potential styles and how much should get cut off. Suddenly Hannah pipes up and asks why she should have to get her hair cut if she wasn’t getting any money. Her little four year old self asserted herself and said, “I want $10 too.”

And that my friends is how I ended up with two little girls with adorable, very manageable bobs. And how my mom ended up $20 poorer.

This post is linked up to Amy’s Finer Things. Because negotiating is definitely a Finer Thing.


  1. I had 4 daughters and I am the woman that never liked playing hairdresser as a girl…After many days of listening to my oldest daughter scream as I tried to do her hair my husband said…Didn’t I see on Little House on the Prairie that they would sleep in braids?…He changed our lives…no more tears in the morning after that.
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  2. That’s hilarious! However… I hope your mom is prepared to shell out every time they need a hair cut… kids learn fast!

  3. Melissa says:

    And I LOVE their bobs! It must be so much easier for you too!

    Happy Friday to you!

  4. What Krista said… :) I’m all about negotiating, but I’m always so scared of setting a precedent! That said, does your mom want a couple of adopted grandkids?? :-)
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  5. Holy cow, that is awesome. I fight with my 3 yo old every day over her hair. It’s long and every morning she wakes up with a rat’s nest in her hair. Gag. And then she screams when I brush it. In fact, she started screaming as soon as the brush comes near her. I partly understand – I had a sensitive scalp as a kid – but man, I always want to cut it after that.
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  6. Too funny! I can see that happening in my future, as mine is a girly girl somehow too. (I am sooo not a girly girl) And she loves her long hair, but at 3 getting it brushed is impossible… I’m going to remember this idea. LOL.
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  7. Can’t help but laugh. Your mom is brilliant. And it’s probably the best $20 ever spent, right? :) Definitely a finer thing. :)

  8. Miranda says:

    The plan for right now is for my one year old daughter to have long hair. I can see this all changing once her hair becomes tangled and she’s old enough to scream about it ;).

  9. Marie says:

    I am sooo going to try this, even if I have to shell out my own money! My oldest(5) loves her long hair, but it’s such a pain!!! I hate the tangles and the sceaming.

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