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After having two girls the main question we get when people see their little brother is “isn’t it so different with boys? The answer is…..I guess?

He is a bit more rough and tumble I guess, but when our girls were little they loved to chase and wrestle too. He isn’t near as verbal as Lily was, but Hannah wasn’t verbal either. He definitely throws and kicks better than they do.

But he also begs to get his toenails polished whenever his sisters are getting their toe’s done. He has been know to wear a crown around the house. He hugs and kisses baby dolls and can “ballet” dance with his sisters all day long.

Our house has a shortage of “boy toys” (not referring to the kind Madonna has). We have a lot of gender neutral baby toys. We have a LOT of girly toys. But Silas doesn’t have a lot of toys that would be typically considered for boys.

So I have been interested lately to watch him dig through the girly stuff and find any and everything regarding cars, trucks and planes. This doesn’t completely surprise me because when we are out and about he is consumed by looking for planes, trains and automobiles (THOSE AREN’T PILLOWS!!).

He seems to carry some sort of car with him wherever he goes. He loves his few books about cars. He has even managed to find a car/truck puzzle that he does over and over. Car is one of his first words (it pretty much sounds like wh*re, but we are going to overlook that).

We have never pushed him towards all things that move. We have never told him to put down the dolls and pick up the cars. I can’t even recall pointing out trucks to him while we move outside of answering him when he points to things.

So I am honestly fascinated by this development. Mostly I just adore watching him get so much joy from all the cars, trucks and planes around him.

Did your kiddos gravitate towards “boy or girl toys” regardless of what you put in front of them?


  1. we have a boy silas’ age (very very close!) – A – and a second who is 6 months – K. A has a little ‘doll’ that he occasionally nurses (lol!), and has cars that he plays with, but mostly he plays with blocks, or dishes (the real ones…), he’s not big on toys though. he prefers sorting or stacking things, or getting things out of a box and then putting them back (unfortunately, he prefers to end the game with the things out!).
    However, he does LOVE to play with balls. he throws his basketball through the goal with nearly perfect form, throws a baseball with proper pitching posture, and is learning to catch. he squats down and shakes his booty – he thinks he is being just like his 10 y.o. uncle :D too cute! he’s learned all that by watching. he also loves to watch football on tv, and has since he was 3 months old, it was crazy, he cried when i turned the tv off, but only if it was football (until he got older and discovered veggie tales…)
    i admit his dad does come from a sports-loving-family, and everyone is tickled with the tiny ball-player, but we never tried to get him to like sports more than cars or dolls or anything like that. it’s kinda funny how much he likes it, and how quickly he picked up the form.
    he also loves planes – whenever we hear one overhead everything stops so he can look for it ‘see it, up there!’
    So he doesn’t really do boy or girl toys.
    .Oh, and btw, he also loves to wear toenail polish :D Hot pink is the best.

    • our second, K, does love toys, and currently gravitates toward stuffed animals, and bright things that fit in his mouth – things A never cared about at that age,except for a duck with a surfboard to teeth on. A liked to play with (and eat) board books when he was 6 months old. his fave were the books about duck – Giggle Giggle quack, and others by Betsy Lewin and Doreen Cronin.

  2. My boy has been different from the very first days. He is more physical–was able to stand, roll, walk, and jump sooner than the girls. He speaks pretty well, for his one year old self anyway, but his speech is less social and more action too.

    We also have two older girls, so he plays with the occasional doll, but he is all about balls. He would take one over any other toy. He also believes oranges, cantaloupes, and watermelons to be balls, and that I am cruel for not letting him play with them!
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  3. Our little guy has a big sister, too. And he plays with the dolls, feeds his stuffed animals pretend food… He also feeds his trucks and cars… He LOVES cars, that is the only “boy” thing I’ve really noticed. It was one of his first words, too. LOL!
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  4. I can say as a mom to 3 boys and then a girl that in our case it was apparently completely natural for ivy to be “Girly” when it comes to toys- we have VERY little of what you normally see in the “girl” section of the toy store. Yet, she gives her brother’s cars names and feelings and a mommy and daddy and has been known to put them to bed in her dollhouse. She goes for the stuffed animals vs. the trains (however she will play with them both) and somehow even tho we’ve never watched a princess movie yet, wants to be a princess and wear pink!!! Pink!! Pink!!

    But I also consider she is “rougher” and tougher than a lot of dainty girls (dainty would never be something I’d use to describe her),’so I think this might be a birth order thing, too. (4th child)

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  5. My girls love all things girly. However, they love playing dinosaur and rough housing {a lot}. The difference I see in them and boys their age, is that they are more nurturing. But my youngest gives as good as she gets, and I think mimics her nurturing side more from my oldest than by naturally caring.

    But get back to me in a year when I have two girls and a near 1-year-old boy. ;)
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  6. Jeannette says:

    I have an eldest girl and her brother is 3 years younger. My girl was a “tomboy”- never cared for dolls, looked like someone was crazy to suggest dressing up, loved cars & trains and playing the dirt. Somewhere in the last six months that second x chromosome kicked in and now she likes to wear dancing outfits and twirls around the house in dresses. But she still likes the dirt.
    My boy is ALL stereotypical BOY. Loves balls. Loves cars, trucks, trains, farts (yes!). He does wear the beads for necklaces and play with pots and pans (he loves containers & stacking them) but he really is a Boy.

  7. I have a boy then two girls. The seond girl is only 3 weeks old so we don’t know about her yet. But my older two – boy and girl – are in some ways VERY typical in their boyishness/girlishness, but in other ways not.

    Nathan loves trucks and cars and things that go, like most boys. And blocks and destruction and yelling. But he also is… finicky. Doesn’t like being too dirty. And he LOVES clothes. Soooooo picky. Maybe it’s just that I don’t have anything to compare it to yet, but WHOA DANG if both my girls are as wardrobe-decisive as Nathan, I AM IN FOR IT. He’s a trend-copyer. And clothes make him really happy. Weird?

    Anneliese’s favorite toys are legos and books (pretty gender-neutral), but she also loves trucks like her big brother, and has her own “big dump” (yes that’s what they call them) (yes I laugh every time) (yes I am a second-grader). But she uses it to push her baby dolls around. And then she breastfeeds them. And burps them. And buckles them in car seats. Hi there little mommy.
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  8. My husband cries out “those aren’t pillows!” at least once a week. That is all I have to contribute to this post. ;)
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