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I am on a little mini vacation to Chicago. Don’t try and rob me, by the time you read this I will most likely be home. But the kids are out of school, it was a dear friend’s 40th birthday, so we packed up the family and headed across the lake. If you didn’t know, I lived in Chicago for 6 years and met my hubby here. It will always hold a special place in my heart and it will always feel a bit like home. This weekend has reminded me once again why. I have spent time with dear friends, visited some old haunts and battled bottleneck traffic. Oh wait, that part I don’t miss a bit. Ugh. Seriously. But while my favorite season in Chicago is summer, there is something a bit magical about the city at Christmas. Even the kids seem to feel it.

But since we are in the Central time zone and my kids wake up in the Eastern time zone (5 am anyone?), it is a short post today. I have a fun top ten list planned for tomorrow, but in the meantime, what is your favorite city?


  1. Oooo! Chicago is way fun! My best friend lives there! I think it’s my second favorite city that I have visited. My first favorite is Seattle. The hubs and I went there a year after we married (We honeymooned on the Atlantic and now wanted to see the Pacific) and fell in love. We joked and said that if we were ever tarred and feathered out of Michigan, we would head to Washington for sure!
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  2. I love Chicago, too. My family lives near Chicago and hubby’s family lives near Seattle. I have always wanted to love Seattle, but honestly I feel more “home” in Chicago than I do Seattle. I have never lived in Chicago but hubby did for several years while we were dating, so we spent a lot of time in the city together. My aunt and uncle also used to live in the suburbs, so again, more time visiting them meant more time in the city. I think Chicago is a great city!

    OH, just wondering… did you go to Moody? :-)
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  3. Chicago is a lot of fun! My best friend lives there, so I’ve been there a lot in the last 6 years. My favorite city to visit… New York. I love all the craziness, especially during the holidays.
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  4. Chicago – hands down!
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  5. Chicago will always be home for me, but Charleston, SC is one of my favorites.
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  6. Tamara Sz says:

    Chicago, Seattle, and Budapest top my list.

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