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I was having a conversation with a friend of mine this week where she was lamenting the fact she had left her cell phone at home and she wasn’t going to be able to return home for several hours. We talked about how she wouldn’t be able to get a hold of people and people wouldn’t be able to get a hold of her. Should she go out of her way to go all the way home and get it?

I commiserated with her. When I don’t have my cell phone with my it feels like I am missing a limb. And then we laughed a bit and said, my goodness, what on earth did we do ten years ago (okay maybe more like 15 or 20).

Let’s go back 20 years (gulp). Okay more like 18 years. I was heading off to college which was a 2 1/2 hour drive from home. My parents had a fancy new fangled cell phone they sent with me for emergencies. It was a “bag phone” that was in a bag bigger than the purse I currently carry. It only made calls and didn’t even do that well.

Today I have a smartphone. Sure it calls although that is probably the least of what I use it for. It texts, surfs the web, “checks in” to the places I go, acts as a coupon for purchases, is a camera and a video camera, and tells me how to get where I am going. It even makes my toast. Ok so it doesn’t make toast. But soon it might.

So you can see why today’s busy moms need their phones. Cause not only does it do all that for us, but any mom who has been in a waiting room with an antsy toddler knows their smart phone is a LIFESAVER. And from what I hear they can save many a grown up as well (Angry Birds or Words With Friends anyone?)

Clearly mama needs her phone. I read last week that in our lifetime our computers might be implanted in contacts. Can you even imagine? We are raising a generation that has never known life without being connected. I wonder what our kids will have to stay connected when they are moms. The brain can’t even comprehend!!!

Do you have a smartphone? Can you live without it? What are your favorite “mommy apps”?

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  1. Funny…I just wrote about my top ten fav “being a grownup” apps over at my personal blog…:) http://rachelhammond.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/top-ten-tuesday-my-favorite-being-a-grownup-apps/ …a
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  2. Cell phones are more of an extra appendage than you might even already think. If you’ve ever had the feeling of your phone vibrating in your pocket only to check your pocket and it’s not even there, Scientist say that you have actually experienced a form of “Ghost Limb” Pretty interesting.

  3. We actually only have one phone between the two of us and it’s not even a smartphone! (we can’t afford it) So while it does feel a little weird when I don’t have it with me (and it would have been nice the other night when I got halfway home from my parents house – 20 minutes – only to realize I’d left my purse and had to go back since they couldn’t call me) I’m probably not nearly as attached to it as some people! :)
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  4. Jeannette says:

    I don’t have a smartphone and actually am quite happy without it. I actually *shock* don’t even have a cell phone! There are a few times when it would be nice to have one, but so far those times are few enough that it doesn’t make it worth it to pay for one. My husband does have a regular, plain ol’ cell phone though.

  5. I love the SuperWhy app. My kids practice letters, rhyming, etc. That’s the one we use the most. Oh, and my 1-yr-old ADORES the Fisher Price Baby Animals app. It does animal sounds and 2 cute little songs. He knows to touch it to make the animal do it’s sound and then he knows to touch it again when he’s ready for it to go on to the next animal. There is background music and the animals dance until you go on to the next one. It’s pretty cute!

    My “fear” with the phantom text messages is that we’re all going to have hip cancer. :) Seriously, though…the radiation in that one spot all day every day can’t be good…..

  6. Belive it or not, I dont use any kind of cell phones ;)

  7. sarah says:

    My 16 year old son and I were speculating about the connectedness he thinks is normal and the contrasting alone-ness felt by Shackleton and his crew as the sought the South Pole 110 years ago. And that Shackleton’s courage has not really any analogy on Planet Earth today. One can hold all the extra-genetic information of our species in the palm of one’s hand! Satellites can track anyone 24/7 – almost. Does that mean we need another word for bravery?

    • Bravery would be to be living without second to seconds access to phones and internet and the television every single day! I have a plain cell. And the “home phone” is Magic Jack. Still dependent on the internet. I am old enough to remember when the phone lines went down, being a little worried if something happened to one of the children, I couldn’t call for help. Nowadays, it is if we forget our phones or lose them, we are afraid we won’t be INSTANTLY available to whoever that is on the line calling us. I get angry at “us” when I get a patient in my office who has to “look at” that darn phone constantly in the mere 30 minutes I have with them!
      And how about that “hip radiation” the other writer referred to? We really should put them on a table at home, and answer it like we did the old fashioned way………get up off our fannies and go in the other room. A novel idea!

  8. Rudolph Wratten says:

    What would happen if the telephone system were to fail?
    Not just cellular, but everything.
    Everyone admits that in an all out war this will indeed happen.
    What would I do? nothing special, I grew up not tied to the telephone.

    • One thing would happen as a positive by product. Teen agers would start talking and communicating with their families again.

      • Susan says:

        I disagree. I have two sons – 16 and 18. Because of their cell phones, I hear from them all of the time. They text where they’re going, when they get there. They’ve even used it to open a conversation where, face-to-face, they might have been intimidated. There have been times when they’ve said they were about to do things, probably a little mischievious, and a text from me popped thru which reminded them that I’m always around and always watching. While I agree that nothing takes the place of open communication, I think the cell phone can be very helpful :)

        • I love that!!

        • Susan I am glad you have two responsible boys. I don’t think you fully understand the addiction of texting and cell phones between girls how and many boys also. I have seen kids sitting on the same couch texting one another instead of talking. Seeing 12000 texts a month for teenage girsl is not uncommon. Many seldom speak to their families unless they get their electronic toys taken away. They use them for bullying each other and for competition on how many texts they can get in a month. If parents like you would be on top of the situation there would not be much of a problem but you are the exception these days. People are to busy with both parents working to keep on top of their kids. Keep up the good work.

  9. I only have a basic cell phone.
    I do NOT keep it with me all the time.
    I am not worried who I might miss or who might not get ahold of me at a moments notice, they can wait.
    I get along just fine without a smartphone.

    This seems to be more of a instant gratification/security blanket issue than a phone issue.

  10. MacPeppone says:

    I don’t have a cell phone and I do NOT want a cell phone. When I was working my office gave me one. I routinely ran the battery out at night and stored it in the boot of the car. Anyone who calls me can wait and I call no one. I do not “text”, what for ? What so important that it has to be done now unless you are a cop, a surgeon or some emergency personnel. For 99% of the people it’s an addiction same as tobacco, alcohol or drugs. I don’t even answer my landline phone. I let the answering machine pick it up..

  11. The article stated all the uses for a smart phone but that it doesn’t make toast. Well some can and do say it makes toast alright. Toast out of your brain from the microwaves emitted from the phone.

  12. I don’t even have a cell phone. I’m one of the 45 people left in the US who can’t be called any time anywhere! :)

  13. Missy says:

    While I am not adddicted to my smartphone, I do find that it comes in very handy. I’m not one that has to have it attached to my hip, but I like being able to contact my middle schooler b/c he is on a different schedule than my 3rd grader. If I decide to pick him up from school I just text him to let him know. I also like it for the “safety” factor – I can reach people if there is an emergency and vice versa.

  14. I don’t have a smart phone either, just a regular dumb phone

    but even with that, yes, I do like it and find it to be a very handy and helpful tool

    I *could* manage without it, I suppose . . . . . . but why would I want to?!

  15. Melanie says:

    My personal phone is a prepaid dinosaur. I have a Windows based smartphone for work, but because it’s a work phone, I cannot download apps or surf (I’m liable if I go over the approved monthly charges). I don’t have a land line phone at home. Honestly, I think I could do with out them and not suffer. Except for the people who are looking for me and “emergencies” ! I think as long as email was still accessible, I’d be fine.

  16. Amy K says:

    My husband and I had smartphones for about a year, but we both gave them up just a few weeks ago to go back to “basic” phones. We both agree that the extra $60 plus taxes per month was ridicullous. We would sit in our living room and look at things on our phones that you would normally use a computer for but on our smartphones instead. We were like – why pay $60+ a month to do that, AND pay for a computer and internet? Sure, there are times when you are out and about that it comes in handy, but that is every once in awhile and does not constitute $60+ per month. Neither one of us ever even used any apps. Occasionally our 3.5 year old would do something on them, but we didn’t really give her the chance to get addicted to it. Our 1.5 year old basically liked to use them as a chew toy! We are both doing fine with our “basic” phones!

  17. Cheryl says:

    Cellphones are nothing (much) more than an electronic Cow Bell. Where are you? What are you doing? When are you coming? If I could just throw it into the middle of the highway and let Tractor Trailers run over it my anxiety levels would probably go down……..

  18. Shauna says:

    Seriously?? “When I don’t have my cell phone with my it feels like I am missing a limb.” Wow. How would you even know what that feels like. Try flossing, tying shoes, doing your daughters hair, putting in contacts, changing diapers, raising two daughters, or any every day task with just one hand, then tell me how you feel without your “appendage.” I lost my arm when I was 16 – before social media, before cell phones, before tragedies could be spread by a click of the mouse. I would give up my cell phone to have my arm back any day of the week.

    • Aaron says:

      You do realize this article wasn’t about a physical limb… right? We don’t know you, we can’t “feel your pain”, so stop trolling the forums looking for a fight. There are plenty of people with physical ailments who don’t have to post it in every comment field. Try a support group next time.

    • Alisha says:

      It says EXTRA APPENDAGE, not a replacement appendage. It’s sad about losing your arm, but you can’t take every single article personal. Maybe you should speak to someone because you are taking out your anger on an unsuspecting (and unfortunately, uncaring) population.

  19. Lynne says:

    Cell phones seem to be a neccassary thing nowadays. People can’t get in their cars but they must get that cell phone out..TEXTING or TALKING while trying to drive is dangerous….

  20. I love all the aps on my Samsung Android; the surfing, the texting and all that. However, I was surprised that when I got half way across Idaho on a trip from Portland to Provo, that a lot of the advanced aps would not work. Some places still do not have 4G. I still love it though. I used it to make motel reservations and get directions when I could.

  21. Alisha says:

    My iPhone has saved me many a headache at doctor’s appointments or anywhere we’ve had to wait for any length of time. My 5 year old even figured out my password…how scary is that?! LOL My 2 year old knows how to slide the arrow to turn it on. If he finds it laying around the house somewhere, he picks it up and brings it to me. I have a hard time keeping up with mine. I don’t use it all that much, so I’ll forget where I put it down. I went almost all day without it yesterday, and I didn’t even have seperation anxiety! ; )

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