My Day in Facebook Updates, Tweets and Instagram Pics

Rather than write a mundane post about my day I thought I would let social media write my post for me. Lazy is our friend people.

My day started with some whining (this is sadly not atypical)

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For the record I tried a new class and I felt awesome after. Plus my kids were in someone else’s care for an hour and a half……

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Perhaps you heard it was hot out today. I am going to assume it was hot where you are too because it seems to be all people were talking about online today.

Unless they were talking about this:

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I have some thoughts. On some things. But although I learned at Type A Conference that one of the best ways to get a post to go viral is to discuss current controversy I think I will just keep my thoughts to myself. Cause if you can’t say anything nice……..

I took an afternoon nap. This was not documented by updates or pictures of any kind.

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I ended up cooking chicken on the stove. With a side of kohlrabi. If you haven’t ever tried kohlrabi get thee to the farmer’s market and get some. (also you should check out my CSA Pinterest board. I use it nearly every night)

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Then I cleaned a little. I planned on cleaning more than a little, but Silas kept asking me to play with him in the sweetest voice and I decided that sounded better than cleaning toilets. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get me to procrastinate on the housework…….


I ended the day at a backyard concert. Don’t you go see bands in other people’s backyards? I was lucky enough to get to hear Brian Vander Ark of The Verve Pipe. “The Freshman” was the song that defined my sophomore year in college (ironically). I have seen him live several times. It just doesn’t disappoint. And despite the day starting off sweltering it was actually quite lovely in the evening.


I pretty much love my life.


  1. A very fun post idea for sure! And the Verve Pipe in the back yard? Awesome! I saw them in 1996 at the Puyallup Fair in Washington. Best concert ever! They ended with a Beatles cover and everyone rushed the stage. Concert security could not stop us. We were all on the stage singing and dancing. Great memories.

    I hope you have a great weekend!
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