Music Monday- Third Day

 I discovered Third Day by complete accident about 5 years ago. Jennifer Knapp was opening for them and I went to see her in concert. It was my first time seeing her live and I was so excited. I promised the hubby that we would drive the hour to see her and then we could leave.

For some reason, we stuck around for a few songs from the headlining band. I was hooked. They had an energy live that was amazing. I was doing crazy things like jumping up and down, raising my arms, singing along to songs I didn’t even know. Shortly after I went to a meet and greet and “hung out” with the band. OK, so I sat on the floor of the music store and listened to them field questions. What an impressive group of men.

I am not quite sure who to compare them to. There music is good old fashioned Southern Rock, but they also write some of the best praise and worship music and ballads in the Christian music genre. They have so many good songs I would be hard pressed to name a favorite. OK, if you insist, “Love Song.”

That’s why I was so excited to listen to their new Chronology CD. Not only do I get to listen to all their greatest music in one place, but I get to watch some DVD footage of the band live in concert and talking about the band. Somehow, I am even more impressed. Give them a listen.


  1. Hi! Do you review music every Monday? That’s a fun idea. I LOVE Third Day!!! They have wonderful songs. Very powerful and moving (and singable).

    Right now I’m on a Big Daddy Weave kick. I don’t have any of their cds but I went to YouTube and there about five online that are wonderful.

    Thanks for stoppintg by the blog! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

    Duckabush Blog

  2. I like Third Day as well!

  3. fussypants says:

    Third Day is my favorite!!!!!

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