Music Monday- Sarah Kelly

record1.jpg I can’t really recall when I first heard Sarah Kelly, but her voice was so distinct, I immediately took notice. I don’t even know who I can compare her voice to because it is truly very unique. Her music is, like many of the artists I love, very raw and emotional. Her new album powerfully deals with her abusive past, which is rarely addressed in the world of Christian music. Here is what she states on her website.

“What I really want, above all else, is for the songs I write to communicate emotional honesty,” Sarah Kelly explains. “A song is a way to speak, a voice beyond what you can normally say in life. This music gave me voice when I had none, and my prayer is to do the same for others.”

To me, that is what music should be about. I couldn’t find a great video of her, but I hope you will go to her website and check her out. I think you will be moved by what you find.

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