Music Monday-Sara Groves

record1.jpg Have you ever heard someone’s music and thought, “I really want to be friends with that person?” No, only me then. When I first heard Sara Groves that is exactly what I thought. Then I saw her live last year and I knew we could be good friends. Actually, I think she is way to cool for me, but a girl can dream.

Sara’s music is really more like poetry set to a tune. I feel like her writing is kind of a window into her diary because it is so personal and transparent. When I listen, I almost feel like we are having a conversation (perfect seguay…)

Her best album for me is Conversations. The title track along with “He’s Always Been Faithful” are so inspiring. I recently discovered the album Station Wagon. This has a lot of songs about being a mom that I can laugh to and cry to. She is a mom of 2 little boys and just “gets it.”

Let me just say that it is pretty hard to find videos of Christian music artists cause it is not like they are getting air time on MTV. I found this video of Sarah on you tube and it is pretty representative of her sounds. It is a song for a movie and there is some talking so bear with that. Otherwise go buy or download some of her music. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


  1. I have always loved Sara Groves! This is a great video! Thanks for sharing!

    Georgia Mom

  2. canearl says:

    Okay I’m sold!! I bought the Jennifer Knapp CD yesterday and I really like it. I love your Music Monday- I’m just going to go broke soon :).

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