Music Monday- Plumb

record2.jpg This girl does not get near enough attention. Her music is so good and no one knows about her. You may have heard one of her songs “God Shaped Hole” in the movie Bruce Almighty. Her music is really diverse going from alternative rock to techno.

Her music is much deeper than some of the other “fluffier” Christian stuff out there. Not that fluffy is necessarily bad, but Plumb is a brilliant songwriter. She has also written for a lot of big name secular artists.

This video is for the song “Cut.” It’s sound is very much like early Sarah McLachlan. If you enjoy it, check out some of her other music.


  1. I have all of Plumb’s stuff and especially love her rockin’ stuff. She appeared on TV to discuss her song “Cut,” the video you posted, which is about self mutilation. So you’re right, she’s definitely not fluffy.

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