Music Monday- Monk & Neagle

record1.jpg I discovered this band over at BooMama when she had a giveaway for some free CDs. I am always skeptical of other people’s taste in music, but I was really excited to discover that they were indeed as good as she had said. Their sound reminds me a lot of Jack Johnson of Curious George fame and a little bit of some of John Mayer’s stuff. They are just very easy to listen to and acoustic guitar driven which I love.

My personal favorite is Beautiful You cause it is just so happy, but the whole CD is really a good listen. It drops tomorrow (that is super cool music lingo for- it will be in stores tomorrow). Please check out their new album “The Twenty-First Time” and some of the songs from that album in the clip below. 


  1. I discovered them through Boomama too! Thanks for reminding me that their record is “dropping” today- I knew it was in Sept, but couldn’t remember when.

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