Music Monday- Grey Holiday

record1.jpg Haven’t done a Music Monday in awhile. Not really a reason, I think I just forget it is Monday. So today I am highlighting a band I frankly know very little about. What I do know is they have a song that plays on the local Christian radio station that I just can’t get out of my head. The music sounds much more like what is on secular radio than your typical “Christian music” and for that reason alone, I am a big fan. Here is the song “Let Go”, ie. the song I can’t stop singing in my head. I apologize in advance for its catchiness.


  1. i LOVE Grey Holiday! I fell in love with them when their song “Revolution” came out. In fact, I am listening to their very short album, right now… GREAT BAND!

  2. I’ve never heard of them. I really like their- non-Christian music sound. Not to knock Christian music, but sometimes it all starts sounding the same.

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