Mother's Day Giveaway (and it is a super-duper good one!!!)

mothers-day So I have this uber-talented friend. UBER. The kind of friend that is so talented you want to hate her a little. Especially because she is also skinny and has this amazing curly hair that she actually gets straightened from time to time. Let me just proclaim to all women with naturally curly hair, please for the love of Pete stop straightening it. I would kill for just a tiny ounce of curl, some body….anything.

None of this is either here nor there, but simply the ramblings of a crazy pregnant woman. Also to state, that I don’t, in fact, hate my friend. Even a little. And that she is crazy, mad, talented. Actually we became friends under interesting circumstances. We didn’t even meet until we had had several semi-long conversations over the internet. That’s right, people. She is one of “those” friends. The ones I have met on the internet. Facebook and Twitter to be exact. But she lives in my town and now we hang out and I adore her.

Are you still reading? Anyway, because I know her in real life, I can do things like giveaway her jewelery. Well, not without asking, but she has so generously offered up one of her necklaces to a lucky blog reader in honor of Mother’s Day. You can keep it as a little gift to yourself or give it to your own mother. Totally your call. Lisa has a wonderful Etsy store full of unique and beautiful hand crafted jewelery. I have seen many of her designs up close and personal and they are of the highest quality and so much cooler than anything you will find in your typical jewelery store.

necklace Her monogrammed tag necklace includes 3 textured sterling tags that can be customized with your initials or your kids initials or frankly the initials of your favorite celebrity. That is the beauty of Mother’s Day. It is all about what you want. Because Mother’s Day is this weekend, this is a super quick giveaway which will end on Wed. night May 6 at 10 pm to give Lisa time to quickly get your necklace made and mailed out to you as soon as possible. Did I mention she is also super woman?

To enter, head over to Studio Jewel, and tell me what product catches your eye. If you just leave a generic comment, it will be deleted. For a second entry: blog, Facebook or Twitter about the contest. Then leave me a second comment letting me know you did so with the link if possible. Because of the quick turn around time, this contest is open to US residents only.  You do not however have to be a blogger or mother to enter. Good luck!!


  1. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12858373 this! i LOVE this. and it was hard picking out just ONE thing i liked best. her etsy shop is awesome!!

  2. Jeanne says:

    I don’t know how to enter this contest. I came across this blog from facebook, a friend of mine is a “fan”. I find it very interesting and look forward to getting into the posts. I am a mother of 4 children (6,4,3,9mos). I work out of the home full-time and am currently feeling out of sorts and am anxiously looking for some guidance to get me back on track. I like that your blog is Christian and focuses on motherhood. I could go on and on. At any rate, I really enjoyed the family tag necklace. That is a piece of jewerly that really strikes me, esp with the names on the necklace. It is something I’m going to put in my favorite tab for my birthday perhaps.

  3. I love the sterling loops bracelet. ( http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12858373) I have the perfect pair of earrings that would match, and it is sooo my style. Dh will thank you for giving him just what he needs for a bday idea! Yay! I’m stoked about that!

    I also posted about the contest on my blog, but my blog is private, to I don’t know what to do for you about that. But just in case, I did it anyway!

    I love, love, love that necklace and hope, hope, hope to win!


  4. Sterling Silver Hand Wired Cuff Bracelet with Aqua Blue Amazonite

    This cuff bracelet is gorgeous! I love Etsy so much and the best thing about her jewelry is that it is mostly sterling silver so I can give it to my mom. She has a nickel allergy and so can’t wear gold of any kind.

    I recently came across your blog through mooshinindy’s blog post about the 1 cor 5:7 challege (which is great by the way). I wish I could subscribe with a feedreader rather than email. It’s easier for me to keep track when it’s on my feedreader. My email inbox just gets too stuffed sometimes. Love the blog

    Toris last blog post..Yummy Dessert

  5. i LOVE this:

    i blogged for you here:

    i lover her shop! way cool stuff! thank you for putting this together

  6. No kidding about the talented part. If she was my friend I might just have to hate her a little too!

    Sterling Loops with Black, White and Grey Stone Mix is my pick, though I basically fell in love with every single thing.

  7. Wow, gorgeous jewelry! All of a sudden I am a fan of rings, and I LOVE the Organic Sterling Silver wide hammered band ring – beautiful!

    junglewifes last blog post..Daily Photo: Monday, May 4

  8. I love the Mommy ones but I really love her thinner hammered stuffs…like the “God looks at the heart” and the sterling rings around the flower for spring. Her stuff is unique among the others in this necklace craze!

    Bobbis last blog post..Incorruptible, indescribable…

  9. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9879930


    Joannas last blog post..Flickr

  10. I like the bracelet: sterling loops with black, white and grey stone mix. Very cool stuff.

    Charitys last blog post..Of Spit and Sneezes

  11. And I just retweeted you on Twitter, if that counts! I am @laanykidsmom. Thanks!

    Charitys last blog post..Of Spit and Sneezes

  12. Natalie says:

    I love the Hand Carved Organic Sterling Silver Leaf on Brown Suede Adjustable Cord, it’s beautiful!

    Natalies last blog post..Kid infestation

  13. Jessica says:

    Hand Carved Organic Sterling Silver Leaf on Brown Suede Adjustable Cord

    I love leaves and this one is just way, way cool… Although there were a couple close runner ups, if truth be told: it’s hard to pick just one! The designs are really awesome…

  14. Natalie says:

    I also just blogged about the contest at http://www.rainydayramblings101.blogspot.com

    Natalies last blog post..Kid infestation

  15. I like the brown cord with the sterling silver heart.

    Mary@Everyday Baby Stepss last blog post..We’re Going On Vacation!

  16. Brittney says:

    Great designs!!!! All of it is beautiful and hard to pick just one… I think my favorite is Brown Leather Cord accented with an Organic Hand Formed Sterling Silver HEART…LOVE IT!

  17. Wow – her stuff is so cool! I love her use of silver and the neat textures and shapes.

    I LOVE the leather and silver necklace with the solitary initial — beautiful. I also love her medical alert bracelet… as someone who should wear one (allergies), that sure makes it trendy!

    She does beautiful work – thanks for introducing me to her.

    Snow Whites last blog post..Gratituesday

  18. Brittney says:

    I also put the contest on my facebook account :) I’m not really sure how to link to may page- hopefully this works! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=1417717098&ref=profile

  19. Beautiful jewelry!

    I especially love the sterling and copper mixed metal necklace :)

    Ashlie- Mommycosms last blog post..Religion, Reiki and why I am not Catholic

  20. i like the “sterling and copper mix set, perfect for spring.” it’s very unique and I like the mix of metals.

  21. becky says:

    I love the ones with all the family names on them. For some reason, “disk” necklaces catch my eye. I also like the wedding one. If I win, it might be hard to not get it for myself, but my mom’s pretty cool, so I guess I could fork it over…

  22. Very hard to choose but I would definitely wear these a lot!

    Sterling Silver Tiny Circle Earrings

  23. Wow there are some pretty pieces. I really liked the sterling and copper necklace.

    Kristys last blog post..Telling Kate

  24. Erin N. says:


    Gorgeous ring…

    Thanks for the contest, I love the bead girl’s work!

  25. She is talented!! I really like the one you featured, but a close second is the StudioJewel Double-Strand bracelet from Petra Museum Exhibit- I like it and it looks like something my mom would like.

    Candaces last blog post..Spring Cleaning Day One

  26. Okay- I put it on my Facebook too, but since I have no idea what I’m doing on Facebook I don’t know how to leave a link.

    Candaces last blog post..Spring Cleaning Day One

  27. my favorite thing is the hammered heart necklace. but I really like the blue beaded cuff bracelet too.

    I have no idea whose initials I will pick if I win. (I never win, so I’m not worrying about that yet.)

  28. also – why aren’t we facebook friends? find me! friend me! (and then you can see I posted about this bracelet too!)… :)

    (just search for my email address)

    Erin Gs last blog post..Happy Birthday "Oh Nick"

  29. Beautiful store! It’s hard to choose what I like best, but I think my favorite is the Monogram Tag necklace! I would put the first initial of me, hubby, and daughter…our little family.

    Joanna @ Grace In The Homes last blog post..Oh, the Irony

  30. What product, singular? Hmm.. well, not just one caught my eye. I like the Family Tag necklace, the Hammered Heart necklace, the necklace with Words For Mom. Oh. My. Goodness. Awesome stuff! Oh, did I also mention that I like… e v e r y t h i n g? Hmm.. Okay, my favorite is probably the Family Tag necklace… I think.

    Taiyas last blog post..Not Me Monday

  31. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9879789

    Love the combo of the silver cubes with the mother of pearl. Wonder if she would make matching cube earrings? Hmmm. thinking of shopping now.

  32. Oh. And I blogged about it. Here: http://cargoofjoy.blogspot.com/2009/05/giveaway.html

    Taiyas last blog post..Giveaway!

  33. Just put this on my FB profile. You should see it on your home page. Got my fingers crossed. Great idea.

  34. i love the Leather and Silver Handstamped Initial Necklace. I like things that do double duty between work appropriate and casual stuff.

    Brookes last blog post..5K in the rain

  35. nicolerenae says:

    I really liked everything…but the Studio Jewel Double-strand bracelet from Petra Museum Exhibit caught my eye the most. I love all the colors in it.

  36. I like most of her stuff, but I keep being drawn to the Sterling Silver Hand Wired Cuff Bracelet with Aqua Blue Amazonite. It’s beautiful, and I could see myself planning outfits around it!

    Jenis last blog post..Attack Bug

  37. I really like the Sterling Silver Cage Cuff Bracelet in Blues and Browns Very EARTHY or the other sterling silver cage cuff bracelet with aqua blue. Both very stunning! Thanks for the great giveaway!! Sara

  38. My absolute favorite: Sterling Silver Stacked Bangle Set wrapped in 14 karat Gold Vermeil

    This is *lovely*… I especially like the feature of “one word” of my choice inscribed on one of the bangles… this very well may make it to my birthday “wish list” this month!

  39. Amanda says:

    Really, what don’t I love? My two favorites are the Sterling Silver Hand Wired Cuff Bracelet with Aqua Blue Amazonite and the Sterling Silver Show Stopper Necklace with Charms and Neutral Stone Accents. I would love to win. The other day I was actually oogling a necklace just like the giveaway one. I hope I win :)

  40. I love this cuff: Sterling SIlver Cage Cuff Bracelet in Blues and Browns

    GrandmaMarilyns last blog post..Stained Glass Cuff

  41. fun store!

    i like the organic silver sterling ring and the leather and silver necklace.

    katherines last blog post..30til30: day 28, apartment life

  42. I love love LOVE the sterling silver tiny circle earrings

    alisons last blog post..Sweetheart Roundie Tote

  43. Sterling SIlver Tag Necklace with custom Bible Verse reference and Tiny Cross

    A Bible verse around my neck would make a great daily reminder. =)

  44. I spread the word on Facebook. Thanks!


  45. Sterling Loops with Black, White and Grey Stone Mix is beautiful!

    Laura H.s last blog post..Figure Eight… Number Eight…

  46. Oooh – saw this one and LOVE IT. (steling cuff bracelet with aqua blue beads – beauty!) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12858016

    Kristi_runwatchs last blog post..The long answer

  47. I tweeted about your giveaway

    Kristi_runwatchs last blog post..The long answer

  48. Kiersten N says:

    I absolutely love the StudioJewel Double-Strand bracelet from Petra Museum Exhibit. It’s so cheerful! Plus, I’ve always had a thing for Petra!

  49. okay DD…can i just say your readers are AWESOME!!!!!

    thanks everyone for the sweet comments!!! can we add a shoppers discount for your readers through the end of MAY since this is such a short contest????

    let me know!!


    lisa aka thebeadgirls last blog post..Everday Bracelet – Textured Bars of Silver and Gold on Chain

  50. Sylvia says:

    Great stuff! I love the Sterling and Copper Mixed Metal Necklace. Thanks!
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  51. Thanks for the giveaway. i love the sterling silver leaf on the leather cord. I have this thing for leaves…very strange…but the necklace is beautiful!

    Kellys last blog post..Eating with a Spoon

  52. I LOVE the SPIRITUAL MILESTONES bracelet! Great jewelry!

    Sandra Ls last blog post..Update

  53. I LOVE the SPIRITUAL MILESTONES bracelet! Great jewelry!

  54. Sorry about the double post above, didn’t mean to do that! I did blog about the giveaway here: http://langford7.blogspot.com/2009/05/giveaway.html

    Sandra Ls last blog post..choose a different post to show

  55. I have been to her Etsy site before. I have marked on favorites the heart pendant necklace. Some day I will own that one. I absolutely love her bracelets too.

  56. My sil actually has one of these necklaces. I love it!

    Looking through the website if I had a choice, I’d love to get one of the Sterling SIlver Tag Necklace with custom Bible Verse reference and Tiny Cross. I’d choose to reference John 3:16.

    Trishs last blog post..How to Pick a Lock

  57. Tiffany P says:

    I love the Sterling Silver Hammered Heart on Black Leather Cord create this God Looks on the Heart Necklace.
    It’s beautiful and such a wonderful message

  58. Tiffany P says:

    I posted it on my facebook.

  59. Oh my, I love the Wide Hammered Band Ring with Floating Disk!


    But it all so pretty. I’m adding her to my faves!

  60. the family tag necklace for mom or grandma is nice since you can put more than three on it. If I won I would send this to my MIL.She would love it. Thanks for the chance.

    LaVonnes last blog post..Home Sweet Home is Always Bittersweet

  61. I love the “Sterling and Copper Mixed Metal Necklace”. It is gorgeous, like everything she does!!

  62. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24183148

    I like this necklace. She has some nice things.

    bps last blog post..As long as it is called Today: Christian women/men (May)

  63. am totally drooling over the sterling hand wired cuff bracelet with aqua amazonite! GAWGEOUS! Nice work Lisa!

  64. here’s mah tweet for mah 2nd entry! http://twitter.com/jennyitup/status/1708159738

    Pick me for once, will you?

  65. Thanks for introducing us to a great artist! I love the wedding date/names necklace and am thinkin about getting it for my sis who is getting married in June. AWESOME!

    Devons last blog post..Pictures…as promised

  66. I dug the Double-Strand bracelet from Petra Museum Exhibit! So colorful and cute!

    This is a lovely, fun giveaway!

  67. And… Twittered (tweeted?) too!

    Megs last blog post..Separated at birth?

  68. I like the necklace with the cross and the scripture reference. I hope I am non-generic enough because I would hate for you to delete me. Wink!


    Jennifers last blog post..It must be track season at the Hill house….

  69. Stephanie says:

    Well I actually like the monogram tag necklace the best but the second best is the sterling loops bracelet with grey, black, white stones. Super cute. Thanks for posting a contest.

  70. I’m also a big fan of the Hand Carved Organic Sterling Silver Leaf on Brown Suede Adjustable Cord. Simple, elegant. But is it really ORGANIC? Just kidding. Beautiful stuff. I also would love one of the customized tag necklaces with my babies’ names on it (Arlo and Mae).

    Jens last blog post..Plug for the Iowa City Bike Library

  71. Marilyn says:

    love, love, love it! i can’t wait to check out her etsy store!

  72. Any mom would love that necklace for Mother’s Day so pretty, Lisa has pretty and unique jewelry.

    Micheles last blog post..Pyramid Earrings

  73. Missy says:

    Ooh, I’m such an Estsy fan! All the sparkle is gorgeous. However, the sterling silver ring with the garnet is my fav…..it’s my babies birthstone!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  74. I love this necklace pictured. I have always wanted something with all my kids initials but can’t ever find anything I’d really wear…now I have. I also loved the mens or womens thick hammered ring. :) I love her jewelry and will recommend that my sister, also an etsy seller, check out her store.

  75. Like so many others, I really do have a difficult time choosing a favorite. I have to say though, I love love love the Double-Strand bracelet from Petra Museum Exhibit. It is so, so beautiful! This is a great giveaway, and probably will be the nicest thing I get if I win :-). Thanks so much for hosting it, and I love you site–the “challenge” has worked wonders for us!

    Devins last blog post..Colin’s always right

  76. oh amanda says:

    KIDDING. I ADORE the brown leather with the turquoise stone on it!

  77. I love the wire cuff with blue amazonite. Gorgeous!

  78. Wow, this is a very generous giveaway! I love this type of jewelry, but I never have the moola to actually buy anything. I particularly love the “Red Coral Rounds” necklace. (The AIDS necklace is a really neat idea, because I have worked in Africa for 2 years with the HIV/AIDS crisis, and my hubby and I plan to return there full-time to work with HIV and Churches again. So, all that to say that I love that idea, but I still love the Red Coral Rounds one better.) :)

    Also, since I’ve never commented on your blog before, I just want to say that I LOVE “The Challenge” idea!

  79. Ok, I just twittered about it! I have no idea how to prove that to you, other than the twitter sidebar thingy that I have on my blog shows it. :-)

    I am less tech savvy than I would like to be….

    Devins last blog post..Colin’s always right

  80. oh amanda says:


  81. I love the sticks and stones bracelet. I also really like the fresh water pearl earrings. Beautiful products!

  82. Ohhh it’s all so pretty. If I had to pick one thing over all the others, I’d pick this custom bracelet:

    Toooooo cute.

    Amandas last blog post..Sick monkey

  83. My favorite is the one you have pictured on your blog.

    Except I would use each of my child’s first initial on each circle to wear a collection of their initials instead of a monogram (as she suggests) of mine.

    But LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!!

    Amy @ MomsToolboxs last blog post..He will hear me in times of trouble

  84. Jessica Cardona says:

    Nice giveaway!!

    I like the Custom wedding tag necklace.. I would get my wedding date engraved, sometimes I don’t wear my wedding ring (I forget) so this way it’s a nice way to represent it.

  85. Jessica Cardona says:

    Have you entered this Great Mother’s Day Give Away?? @diaperdiaries :-)
    half a minute ago from web

    tweeted it!

  86. Kristy Freewalt says:

    love the copper necklace with the flower in the middle.. you are right, her jewelry is refreshingly unique… so sick of seeing the same thing in every “chain” store I go in!

  87. I *LOVE* the StudioJewel Double-strand bracelet. Here’s the link:


  88. I saw your convo with your friend on facebook about this giveaway and was very excited! I like the organic sterling silver wide hammered ring. I would also like to win the necklace b/c I have a necklace w/ 2 of my kids on it but need a new one now to add my little guy!

    Amber Doumas last blog post..A weekend full of celebrating!

  89. I just posted on facebook, so you should see it on your page! Thanks!!

    Amber Doumas last blog post..A weekend full of celebrating!

  90. I love the Sterling and Copper Mixed Metal Necklace! It is so simple and yet it makes a statement. The Mother’s Day necklace is amazing! As a mom of 2 boys (and another on the way) I would wear their initials proudly.

  91. Tweeted it too (sorry, my twitter account & Facebook accounts are set to private so I can’t post a link!)

    Allisons last blog post..The Wild Card Cricut Cartridge

  92. Uber is right!!! I was actually just looking at family tag necklaces on Etsy. So I would love one the custom Silver tags with the kids names on it. Thanks for letting me play along:)

    mandis last blog post..The tubes are in

  93. Ohh, I like the sterling silver cuff bracelet. Thanks for hosting this!

    Whitneys last blog post..Spring Cleaning: Day One

  94. I love the tag necklace that you can pick a bible verse to reference. Perfect for those special spiritual milestones, or just as a reminder of a life verse. Very cool…

  95. LOVE the leather & silver habdstamped initial necklace….Too cute & versatile!

  96. I absolutely love the handcrafted organic hoop earrings in sterling silver and 14 karat gold vermeil! She’s right…they’d go with anything!

    Thanks for the fun!

    Pam Asburys last blog post..I can’t believe what I just did.

  97. I am loving this.

    Mandy Harveys last blog post..Blog Giveaway

  98. I really like Lisa’s new item, the Leather and Sterling Mix Bracelet with Turquoise and Coral, sooo fun!

    Thanks, Brooke

  99. I tweeted too, don’t know if this link will take you to it or not, sorry http://twitter.com/BrookeJewelry

  100. I would LOVE one of the personalized necklaces! I have a pretty unusual name so I can never find my name anywhere.

    Wanis last blog post..New To Do List

  101. BTW, I facebooked about the giveaway so don’t forget to give me the extra entry! ;-)

    Wanis last blog post..New To Do List

  102. I twittered about this giveaway! Awesome stuff!


  103. I like the necklace with all the names of the family on it. You never see jewelry that includes the mom and dad on it. So cute!


  104. A Son says:

    …this looks like something my grandmother would have given my mom… she passed away two years ago, but the gap hasn’t quite been filled in my mom’s life… after a medical accident, she’s been having quite a difficult time going through the motions. I’m sure this necklace will cheer her up for mother’s day

  105. Libby says:

    The absolute first thing that caught my eye was the light blue Amazonite and silver bracelet. If left me breathless! I want it! Must have it! Need it! OK, I am obsessing just a wee bet, but you get the picture!

  106. Anna Tyrer says:

    I loved the sterling silver cuff with cut outs. very modern and just my style. i will have to send the link to my husband who I know has not done my mothers day shopping yet.

  107. Laura says:

    Pretty! I love the sterling and copper necklace and the sterling stacked bangles.

  108. denielle says:


    I just ordered the Custom Tag Necklace for Grandma for Mother’s Day with all the grandkids names! I was having a hard time finding something personal … Beautiful stuff.

  109. brenna says:

    I love the family tag necklace!

  110. That’s REALLY hard to decide between all of those gorgeous pieces!!! My fav is the family tag necklace though…I’m all about my family :)

    Great giveaway!!!!

    Amandas last blog post..Being Thankful

  111. Susie Allison says:

    I think this collection is very creative. Not all the colors are for me (don’t look great in silver) but it was interesting like looking in an art gallery.

    My personal faves that my mother might like are the most colorful:
    1) StudioJewel Double-Strand bracelet from Petra Museum Exhibit
    2) Sterling and Copper Mixed Metal Necklace Perfect for Spring
    3) Medical Alert Bracelet with Leather, Sterling Silver and Stone Accent
    4) Red Coral Rounds wrapped in Sterling Silver with Cube accent on tan leather cord Necklace

    I’d also love it if she were to design a breast cancer themed piece as that is a huge theme in my family.

    Site is at: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5672

  112. Mary B says:

    Love the brown leathered cord with hammered sterling disk and custom stamped gold tag. So cute! Love her stuff – need to add her to my Etsy favorites :) Plus she’s a local gal, got to love that!

  113. I’ve fallen in love with the Sterling Silver Hand Wired Cuff Bracelet with Aqua Blue Amazonite… Beautiful!!

    Heather Fs last blog post..Mayday, Mayday!

  114. I LOVE the hand stamped ring with the silver disk on it! So COOL!

    staceys last blog post..Bloggy Twilight Zone

  115. Kristi says:

    love the Sterling Silver Hand Wired Cuff Bracelet with Aqua Blue Amazonite. so amazing.

  116. JessW says:

    I loved the silver cuff bracelet with the blue amazonite. Beautiful!

  117. Ooooh, I really <3 the sterling silver heart on the brown cord. Totally my style!

    Great giveaway for Mother’s Day, hope I win :)

    Malias last blog post..Gimme gimme gimme – the MOTHER of All Giveaways

  118. I tweeted it!

    Malias last blog post..Gimme gimme gimme – the MOTHER of All Giveaways

  119. Aaaannnd…I put it on FB! Check for a friend request from me so you can see it.

    Malias last blog post..Gimme gimme gimme – the MOTHER of All Giveaways

  120. I love this necklace!
    Sterling Silver Hammered Heart on Black Leather Cord create this God Looks on the Heart Necklace

    Great giveaway!

  121. Love the Make a wish necklace, she has lovely designs, def added to Favs.

    Kim Sorensens last blog post..

  122. Melissa says:

    I love the Sterling Silver Tiny Circle Earrings! What amazing jewelry. She IS very talented.

  123. Holly says:

    I am really drawn to all the tag necklaces, The wedding one is a great idea. I thought the adoption bracelet was a neat idea too!
    Happy Mother’s Day !

  124. Ok, I really did look through all of them but I still like the Initial Monogram Tag necklace. I have three kids so it would be perfect to have their initials on there!

    dollys last blog post..And I thought I was the only one nursing

  125. this is a good one!

    My favorite is the sterling silver cuffed bracelet with aquamarine beads.

  126. Jacquelyn says:

    Sterling Loops with Black, White and Grey Stone Mix

    What a great giveaway!

  127. Mama Koala says:

    Love this: Sterling and Copper Mixed Metal Necklace!

    Mama Koalas last blog post..Praise God!

  128. Kathi C. says:

    I love, love, love the Sterling Silver and Gold Custom Stamped Family Tag Necklace for Mom or Grandma. I’ve been looking for a necklace like this to suggest to the hubby for mother’s day (for me!!). Now that my family is complete, I’d love to get something like this –very beautiful. Thanks for the recommendation. Hope I win!! :)

  129. Jackie Fornetti says:

    Your friend has lovely things. I love the necklace with your favorite Bible Verse. It would be be wonderful to wear something so beautiful close to your heart! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=18805027

  130. Jackie Fornetti says:

    Facebooked you too! ;)


  131. Melissa Okenka says:

    I really liked all of her things but I thought the ADOPTION bracelet was beautiful. We have friends in the process of adopting and I think that will be a perfect gift for them.

  132. Danielle says:

    It was hard picking just one! My fav though would have to be the Family tag charm bracelet. Anything that represents my children I love! <3

    Also, I added the contest link to my facebook; I have a private account so I’m not sure how to get you a link…

    I hope I win!

  133. RainyDay says:

    That is so beautiful. I would love to be entered.

  134. Love the Make a Wish necklace. What a fabulous piece. I’ve got a nephew that just recently beat cancer, so that one really made my heart happy.

    Marlas last blog post..Kandy Kisses Spring Launch, 16 April

  135. Posted on FB


    Marlas last blog post..Kandy Kisses Spring Launch, 16 April

  136. OMG – this: Wide Hammered Band Ring with Floating Disk in Sterling Silver: is just beautiful! I love hammered silver. It is simplistic – but WHOLE – does that make sense?

  137. It was hard picking just one! My most favorite one is the Family tag charm bracelet. Anything that represents my family and/or children I <3!

  138. Deb White says:


  139. Deb White says:

    My favorite piece is the bible verse neckalce. my mom would love it

  140. Meredith says:

    I love the custom stamped initial necklaces in Sterling Silver for Mom, I have always wanted one…CUTE!

  141. I am a fan of all of her jewelry – and your are right, she is a wonderful person. I love her Sterling and Copper Mixed Metal necklace. Instead of the flower, I would do L squared – for my two kids. :)

  142. Diane Brads says:

    I would choose the sterling silver tags engraved with the cross and scripture.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  143. Robin says:

    I love this ring
    Wide Hammered Band Ring with Floating Disk in Sterling Silver

    it is a great unique piece!

  144. Robin says:

    FBed about you as well :)

  145. tammy says:

    I liked the medical alert bracelet, it was so NOT generic I love the necklace too

  146. I love the Leather and Silver Handstamped Initial Necklace and the Brown Leather Cord with Hammered Sterling Disk and Custom Stamped Gold Tag with the word “Faith” on it.. but it was really hard to choose one (obviously I chose two!). thanks for sharing this great Etsy find!

    Kari D.

  147. Wendy Biel says:

    Such a beautiful necklace. I have been searching for one that can hold five kiddos!

  148. I love the God Looks on the Heart Necklace, not only because of it’s beauty, but what it represents – inward beauty. I have a teenage daughter and this is such a struggle for not only daughters, but Moms as well.
    .-= Lynnet Hardwick´s last blog ..Just need someone to listen =-.

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