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On this Mother’s Day I leaned over a child that I didn’t give birth to and kissed her good night. And it occurred to me that being a mother isn’t about giving birth. It certainly is in some respects. I was birthed by an amazing mom and have given birth to three amazing children. But being a mother is about loving fiercely, sacrificially, loving long past when it makes sense, loving when you barely like.

So it is only fitting this week that I could be found writing two other places than this blog about how you can be a mother to a child who grew outside your belly. I am over at Grand Rapids Kids talking about my experience as a foster mom. And I am over at the World Vision blog talking about how to be a mother to a child halfway around the world.

A few years ago I started to feel like our family might be a good fit for foster care.

There are a hundred of complex reasons why, but the main one was that honestly, our family has been very blessed and we felt we could be a blessing to someone else.

We spent a long time talking about it as a family before we committed to this decision. It was not something we took lightly. It is hard to  People often ask me if it will be hard to love her and then give her back.try and explain to your children why a child might need to come live in your home because their mommy and daddy can’t take care of them. Your heart breaks before you even start the conversation, but we needed to make sure that every member of our family understood what was going to happen.

Read more over at Grand Rapids Kids…….


This Mother’s Day, I am acutely aware of what it means to be motherless. Not because I don’t have a mother. I actually am blessed with an amazing mom, mother-in-law, and step mother-in-law. Three amazing women, three of my own children. My heart is full.

But this Mother’s Day, I am also a mother to a child who will spend the day separated from her mother. Her mother is not yet capable of caring for her. So this is my first Mother’s Day as a foster mother.

I can fathom what it must feel like to not be able to parent your child. This past week when our foster baby’s mom was asked to fill out a form about her biggest concerns for her child’s development, she wrote, “I am worried she will be adopted by another family.”

My mother’s heart broke for both mother and child.

World Vision steps in much like a foster parent and cares for children around the world who are parentless, or whose parents simply can’t care for them properly. One such family they are helping is Pyae Sone Kyaw and his mother, Daw Mee Nge.

Read more at World Vision…….  (and consider Sponsoring an orphaned child today)

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