Motherhood is Certainly a Finer Thing

finerthings  It is crazy for me to believe that seven years ago today I wasn’t a mom. Just like the me pre-marriage, it is hard for me to remember me pre-mom. But around 8 pm, seven years ago tonight, after a long labor, they placed a little person in my arms that would completely rock my world. I became a mom.

I know some people don’t want to be boxed in by “just” being a mom. But that has never bothered me. To me being a wife and a mom is such a privilege and the “career” I always wanted. And by saying that I am not trying to open up a working mom vs. stay at home mom thing, I am just say, for me, this is the epitome. And frankly, I owe it to Lily. She bestowed the title upon me. (I recognize completely that I truly owe it to God, but I am just sayin’)

Lily has stretched me as a mom more than my other kids. It could be simply because she is oldest and we have been doing this mom/kid thing longer together. Or it could be that she seems to be a little version of me. You know how you find a person difficult and can’t put your finger on it until someone points out that you are a lot alike?

Let me be clear. I love this girl. She makes me laugh, sings with me, loves books with me, plays piano duets with me and makes me insanely proud. But she also pushes my buttons and makes me work really hard at this mom thing. Which I guess is good since it is my job, but isn’t this stay at home mom thing supposed to be eating bon bons and watching soap operas?

All kidding aside, I love being her mommy. And most days I think she loves me being her mommy. I probably have a few more years of that so I am going to cherish them. I have been blessed to be her mommy for seven beautiful years. So even though it is her “birth” day, I am the one who got the gift.

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  1. I’m thinking Libbie and I are going to struggle with that “too similar” thing as well! She already, at not even 2, knows how to push every button I have. But at least she’s dang cute doing it!
    Vanderbilt Wife recently posted…Third TrimesterMy Profile

  2. Alison says:

    Love this! I feel very much the same :)

  3. So well said! I feel the exact same about my girl. Thanks for the post!
    Amy recently posted…A Bad DealMy Profile

  4. What a beautiful post! It is my youngest (who is only 15 months) who is my clone.. in appearance and behavior. We shall see what the future brings in that department! Love that you recognize the gift YOU were given in your daughter’s birth… I feel the same way. :)
    JessieLeigh recently posted…Argh- Me Penguin!My Profile

  5. Just put a post up yesterday, in honor of my sweet Lola’s eight months–in which I said exactly the same thing….she is MY gift! :)

    Happy birthday to yours!

  6. Sherry says:

    What a blessing it sounds like your relationship is! :) Happy birthday to your daughter!
    Sherry recently posted…Come join me for some – Saturday SharesMy Profile

  7. My oldest is also my clone. The running joke around here is “Gosh, wonder where she got THAT” {as eyes are rolled} or as my hubby likes to say, ” The apple didn’t even FALL off the tree” we are so alike. It’s frightening…
    Amy @ Finer Things recently posted…White Cloud Twitter PartyMy Profile

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