Mom’s Plan-It Calendar- Things I Love Thursday

tilt  There are few things I love more than getting a new calendar. All those open spaces. All the possibility. All the chances for a perfectly organized life.

I know most people get a new calendar in January. But when you are a mom of school aged children, life doesn’t start in January. Life starts in September. So I get my calendars in August. Or more specifically today.

I have tried a few different “mom” calendars. And I don’t think they are too different. But this year I went back to the Mom’s Plan-It Calendar for a few reasons.

First off the main reason I love these “mom calendars” is that there are different lines each day for each member of the family. So your day isn’t necessarily laid out chronologically but it helps me see where everyone is at all times. But it is a giant problem to have to write their names out on each line each month. I know, I have a rough life. But this calendar allows you to write the names down the side of the calendar permanently and then just the number part of the calendar changes. It is quite possible none of this makes sense, but it might if you saw the calendar. Seriously. It is a big deal.

Secondly there are stickers. Lots of stickers. Do we ever outgrow our love of stickers? I can’t tell you how much more fun it is to stick a doctor sticker on a date then writing it out. You know what I am realizing writing this post? I am a giant nerd. Who knew?

I also love that there is a fair amount of room each day to write what is happening because unfortunately we are busy people. And I live by the rule in my house that if it isn’t on the calendar it isn’t happening. So I need room to make sure everything is written down.

Lastly there is a mini, one week calendar that has a magnet to go on your fridge. It is dry erasable so you can have the family see their week at a glance. Is that exciting to anyone but me? A mini calendar? Seriously. I am a nerd.

I paid for my calendar with my own money. The lovely people at Mom’s Plan-It have nothing to do with me. I just have a weird obsession with my mom calendar and thought maybe you would appreciate my nerdiness.

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  1. I just bought my calendar for this school year and I get a sick thrill out of filling it out with birthdays, meetings, and dental appointments! Sadly, mine doesn’t have stickers :(

  2. I had that calendar, I loved it!!

  3. Sharing my new found easiest way to peel garlic & my new and improved bean fudge recipe. Yum!

  4. Totally agree. There’s nothing like a new calendar! I could buy one in August, January, or December. I’ll have to check these calendars out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have a weird obsession with calendars too. I’ve seen the Mom’s Plan-It, but since my girls aren’t in school, it seems like overkill for me at this point. But come kindergarten, I am so on it!

  6. nicolerenae says:

    I love mine too! Thanks for the reminder that I need a new one soon!

  7. Amy Meringa says:

    What? You use a paper calendar? You’re such a tech girl, I’m totally surprised you don’t use an
    online calendar! I use iCal and love it. I have it color coded for myself, my hubby, and the kids. Another color is for all the birthdays and holidays. I even imported their sports schedules this spring right onto the calendar. The best part is that it syncs with the hubby’s so we alway know what’s going on. But I do love stickers…and iCal has yet to come up with those!

    • I have tried a few but it just doesn’t work for me. I need to see it on the wall. Also Ryan uses Outlook for work and so he doesn’t want to sync two calendars. Plus I NEED my stickers!!!!

  8. You absolutely can never have enough stickers – I’ve always loved them and probably always will.
    With our oldest starting kindergarten this fall I think I might have to get a real calendar again rather than an electronic one.

  9. I may have to get one of these!

  10. WE LOVE OUR PLANNERS!! Old – school paper and pen making a list – nothing like it:)

  11. Eos Mom says:

    I have a similar calendar but it’s horizontal (date on the left, long horizontal area for writing up to five appointments)–totally bizarre but (after getting used to it) so helpful. Rather than each person having a space, I just write the first thing on the left (like “school” or “speech”) and the next thing that gets added next to that and so on. I love it! I tried the type you describe but I wasn’t organized enough to keep up with the people slots. ;-) And the weekly magnetic dry erase calendar is what keeps my head from falling off, it is my most essential tool!

    And talk about nerdy, this time of year I still buy an old-school assignment notebook for my purse. Again, I’m not super organized about using it or synching it with my wall calendar, but it’s a must-have.

  12. This does sound like a great planner. Thanks for sharing it with us all!

  13. I have seen this planner. It does seem like a good one. Though I love to be online, I do prefer old school planners and calendars for some reason!

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