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fashionable-mommy.jpgTonight was my Moms Club‘s annual banquet to celebrate our year. We had so much fun eating pizza, chatting and being out-and-about without our kids. We played a fun game where we had a questionnaire with weird facts about our fellow moms. It is awesome to see other dimensions of women that you just know as breastfeeding, diaper changing, kid-chasing moms.

We also had mommy oscars with awards for organization, craftiness, best entertainer, etc. I won best dressed mommy. Is it lame that I am so excited about my new title? I think the reason why I’m excited is that when we forfit our careers to be a stay at home mom we forfit all the recognition that comes with it. Somehow I went from having a master’s degree with letters behind my name to cleaning up poop for a living. Suddenly all our success in life is measured by how clean our house is (it isn’t) and how well are kids behave (they often don’t).

So we strive to find some way to express ourselves and give our days value. Now I am not trying to say that dressing well is curing cancer, but I do try and look nice and remain fashionable despite the fact that most days there is no reason to change out of my pajamas. For other moms this excitement may be found in sewing cute diaper bags or taking great pictures. I think that is why there is such a community of moms blogging on the internet. We are looking for a creative outlet and a way to express ourselves apart from our children. Anyway you can find it, I would encourage you to find the thing that makes you feel valuable apart from being a wife and mom. I also hope you know you have value simply because you are a child of God.


  1. I am a little bitter about my shutout tonight :) but I will give you props anyway. You are very fashionable and I agree that moms don’t want to look “Like a Mom” all the time. So, live up your title girl!

  2. Georgia Mom says:

    Congrats on your award! I would have loved receiving that one as well. It wouldn’t have happened though. I would have gotten, “loudest laugh”, “worst joke teller” or “the foot-in-your-mouth” award. So I would say you’re doing great!.

    And you’ve inspired me to actually take a shower today and put on some makeup.

    Georgia Mom

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