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trophyThis is the time of year every year where I begin to look longingly at my friends from around the country post pictures of their kids with backpacks on their backs getting onto the school bus. Don’t get me wrong, here in Michigan we relish ever moment of summer. We have the most amazing summers and it makes living here in the winter worth it.

But by this time of the summer the kids and I seem to have had enough of each other. We are running out of camps, vacations and fun ideas. We are over tired from staying up to late. And since my kids love school they are asking daily how many days until they can go back.

Today I had plans to get out of the house and do some things but Silas has a mild fever from an ear infection so I decided to keep the kids at home. By noon I was ready to wave the white flag. By 3 I had tweeted this:


One of the low points was at lunch time. I had spent time lovingly preparing a meal for the three kids with at least two food groups represented. They were eating and I went to prepare something for myself to eat.

I hate lunch. I never know what to make. But today I spied my fresh gorgeous tomatoes from the CSA and all I wanted was a BLT. I got my toast toasted and spread with mayonnaise. I got my tomatoes all cut perfectly thin. And I had cooked my bacon. All that was left was assembling the perfect sandwich.

And then I took a two minute break to put Silas down for a nap.

When I came back downstairs there was no bacon. NO BACON. Just two little girls who had confiscated my iTouch and were happily playing away.

side note: My brother and sister in law gave me an “I Love Bacon” cookbook for my birthday. Pure awesome.

It is at this point I may or may not have lost it a bit. I am sure you understand. They ate my bacon. MY BACON!. What is a BLT without the bacon? I mean who wants to eat a BL?

So I sent them each to their room. And sat and fumed about what discussion I would be having with them when I regained my composure. Which I assumed would happen sometime around next February. I mean BACON!

In the midst of my fuming, Lily appeared with an envelope containing two notes (sorry about the photos- again, broken camera).


And here is what I found. Note one:


Sorry Mom. Here’s a little surprise.

Note two:

free lunch

A free lunch made by….Lily (sorry, had to block out her real name)

Now granted her entire repertoire is peanut butter and jelly. But I thought it was a pretty sweet sentiment. Maybe I’m not doing to bad at this mom thing after all.


  1. Awesome post. I can see now that this is why I have a fear of leaving ANYTHING unattended, or even just putting it down. Because kids will automatically head for whatever it was. They will eat it or spill it (especially if it’s wine) or break it. That drives me crazy. It means I am ALWAYS carrying something around. Or shoving it into my mouth. Sigh…
    Christine @ Quasi Agitato recently posted…Twitter Tips for Shy Tweople.My Profile

  2. I say this more times than I care to admit… not winning Mom of the year award today. BUT there is always tomorrow – more bacon to be made, more yelling to be done, and more sweet sentiments to be had.
    Jamie (@chosenchaos) recently posted…what is your favorite brand of tampon?My Profile

  3. Not the bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to ration it here, too, especially when we have the GOOD stuff straight from the butcher.
    Amy @ Finer Things recently posted…Your Postpartum BodyMy Profile

  4. ha! great post. Love this. :)
    Erin G recently posted…Nathan and CharlotteMy Profile

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