Minimalist Lent #minimallent

I have been flirting with minimalism for a little over a year now. If you met me or came to my house it is not really a movement you would associate me with. But I find myself drawn to reading about it, contemplating it and having moments of giant purges where I think I will go all in. I have a love/ hate relationship with stuff. And in the past few years I have been veering far more towards hate.

So when I stumbled upon this 30 Day Minimalist Challenge (seriously even the look at it is beautifully minimalist) I knew I wanted to try to tackle it for Lent. Some of it seemed very very doable and lovely (practice gratitude, let go of a goal). Some of it seemed difficult (journal for 20 minutes, don’t buy anything for 24 hours). Some of it seemed downright impossible (no-complaint day, stay offline for a day). But I really want to do it all, uncomfortable as it may be.

Since Lent is 40 days and this is 30 days I will supplement it with a few of these or these. I’m also jumping around a lot because some days it is impossible for me to go offline due to blog obligations. But I don’t want to make things too easy on myself either because that defeats the purpose. So I will strike a balance of challenging and doable.

I will probably do some blog updates but won’t blog the whole thing by any means. I have been sharing a bit on Facebook with the hashtag #minimallent. I will definitely do a recap when it is all done and discuss what sticks and what didn’t work.

I really feel like this is a good fit for Lent because I do think my shopping/internet/accumulation patterns all have a spiritual component. I want to be free of life’s distractions and burdens. This path definitely all started when I read Satisfied. It seems only fitting that I tie this whole process to a time of reflection on Christ’s sacrifice. I’m anxious to see where it will all lead.

Are you giving up anything for Lent?

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