bike  So it is obvious that the first year of any kid’s life is just jam packed with milestones. Smiling, sitting, crawling, first words, walking. It is crazy really how much stuff happens. Can you imagine if we kept up that pace for the rest of our lives. Our brain would explode. This past year I have discovered that the year between 5 and 6 is also stuffed with milestones.

You may recall last fall at this time I was fighting back tears as I sent my then 5yo Lily off to Kindergarten. We not only survived, but she truly thrived. During that year there were many academic accomplishments, but also the first lost tooth, first team sport (soccer- not so much a success), first time she told us she wanted to marry a boy other than her daddy, first time across the monkey bars unassisted, I am sure the list goes on.

This week we added another milestone to the list. Lily has learned to ride a bike without training wheels. I have been trying to sell her on the concept all summer, but she wasn’t having it. She was perfectly fine tooling around with her training wheels and didn’t think an activity that might involve falling, blood and tears sounded like much fun. She has WAY too much of her mother in her. So occasionally I would ask her if she wanted to try without the training wheels, she would typically answer no and move on. A few times she said yes, tried for approximately 5.2 seconds, said it was too hard and refuse to try more. Again, this might be genetic.

But a combination of factors led to a breakthrough this week. First, one of her good friends came riding up on a two wheeler with no training wheels and suddenly riding a bike looked more appealing. Secondly, Lily discovered tennis, her daddy’s sport of choice. We took her to buy her own racket and she and the hubby went out to practice at the tennis court. Suddenly my kid who doesn’t achieve a lot of successes in the athletic department started to hit the ball. And hit it well with some consistency. Her confidence was bolstered and she was suddenly ready to tackle that bike.

I am now very proud to report that the training wheels are off and she can pretty much ride a bike. I say pretty much because she needs a quick push to get started, but once she is going she is good to go. And thankfully we haven’t had any tumbles or I am pretty sure that bike would be parked back in the garage for eternity. Much like her mama she prefers life to be free of physical pain. And to the delight of my parents, I may have bred a child prone to hysterical fits of drama when the most minimal pain is involved. My Christian beliefs don’t really jive with karma, but if there was such a thing, I am living in it.

So far in her little life things on the academic side have come ridiculously easy so it is such a celebration when she conquers something that is hard for her. The taste of success is so much sweeter.

bikerider  *Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I don’t typically post any pics of my family for security reasons, but since I am such a bad photographer and this one turned out all blurry I thought it was safe. Note she practices bike riding in a skirt. Apparently even bike riding requires a certain level of fashion.


  1. Loved this post since my daughter of about the same age learned to ride her bike without training wheels recently AND persists in riding in a skirt. (She much prefers skirts and dresses to pants or shorts.) Congratulations to your daughter!
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..What I Learned This Week =-.

  2. Awww congratulations Lily! It must be so exciting to see them grow like that. (and hard at the same time)
    .-= Jen-After the Alter´s last blog ..Wifey 101: Ask And Ye Shall Receive =-.

  3. ohamanda says:

    Yay, Lily! It’s so fun to see them conquer fears!
    .-= ohamanda´s last blog ..Top Ten {Tuesday}: My Usborne Party =-.

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