Michigan- Land of Blizzards that never happen (well not never)

image    I live in the land of chicken little weather reporters. To be fair, we get a lot of snow in the winter. And really bad storms do come our way. And to be fair, the Mall of America closed in MN yesterday at the height of Christmas shopping season. So clearly there is a bad weather system in the Midwest. But I cannot tell you how many times the local weather people whip everyone into a mad frenzy about some blizzard which will cause mass mayhem and death only to have a few flakes fall. The worst is when they cancel school because of it and I am stuck home with stir crazy kids who sooo need to be in school driving their teachers batty instead of me.

This latest storm has solidified my belief that the local weather team needs a hobby. Was it a bit slippery on the roads? Yes, but again, this is Michigan. It is pretty much slippery from November until March and you just roll with it. But the weathermen insist on issuing warning after warning and freaking everyone out. And now that I write that you know while I am sleeping we will get dumped on and I will eat my words. But so help me God, if they cancel school and there is not 12 feet of snow on the ground and a sheet of ice 2 feet thick on the ground I am coming down to one of the news stations and having me some words.


  1. Shawna says:

    That is so true! I live in the North-East part of the mitten and we didn’t have a drop of snow until maybe Thursday. Now we have about 7 inches with a nice layer of ice underneath.

  2. Ha ha ha ha! I totally feel your pain though! Thankfully we don’t have news that we watch, but I understand completely! We drove home at midnight last night from my parents after getting about 14 inches of snow in 12 hours. My mom was paranoid, but it was fine. The roads were slushy, but mostly clear (well, until we got to the last 5 miles of our road going to nowhere and had to play “stay in the tracks or you’ll go squirmy” because they hadn’t plowed yet!)
    I have a favorite story that I tell when people complain about school never closing (it rarely does around here so sorry about that!). I remember walking to school that was delayed 2 hours over about 10 inches of fresh snow with a layer of freezing rain/ice on top that was almost strong enough to support my weight. And I was in middle school and not a little twiggy girl either.

  3. It might not be a good time to mention the very light dusting we had last night in NC, and we’re gleefully on a 2 hour delay this morning? ;)
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  4. Ha! Love it….glad we’re not the only area with Chicken Little giving doomsday forecasts!

    You may remember that I grew up in the middle of nowhere in central IL. We lived down a long gravel road that only our family used. It was so rare that someone would drive by that our whole family would leave whatever we were doing and go to the window and watch a car go by. If on the rare occasion we didn’t know who it was, well….that was HUGE excitement (and kind of scary). I never even knew that this was odd until I met Dealer and brought him home for the first time. To this day he talks about being involved in conversation around the dinner table with the fam our first evening there, the dog starts barking (our first clue that a car was coming), and we all stopped what we’re doing to go to the window. He thought something major was going down. “Oh, no….it’s just a car driving by,” I said. Once he stopped laughing, he explained to us why this was odd to him. Now that I live in a normal neighborhood, I get it.

    Okay – tangent over.

    Growing up on the farm, it didn’t matter how much snow we got, if the wind blew, our family was snowed in. No one really cared to plow us out because it was just us – it’s not like our road being blocked put anyone else out. On frequent occasions, my dad would have to put Jona and me in the tractor and drive us to wherever the school bus driver instructed my parents to bring us. Now, when I think about that kind of stuff it just seems so absurd! But it makes for some good stories. :) Another tangent, my school bus driver was also my chemistry teacher, my biology teacher, my study hall teacher, and my high school principal. I loved my small town upbringing!! :)

  5. I just had to pop in–simply to give you the ‘funniest-post-of-the-day’ award. I just cackled so loud, I think I woke up a child (or four).

    And, it’s so true HERE, as well–I’m in East central Illinois.

    Thanks Jill for the laugh!
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  6. he he…I am on the other side as you with the storms. when we DO have school (and of COURSE everyone else cancels), I get to hear crabbing all day about why don’t WE have a snow day…even though it’s probably ridiculous that anyone has a snow day.

    stupid Michigan meteorologists. (I’m looking at you, Kyle Underwood).
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