Mercantile Bank (Shop Local)- Things I Love Thursday

TILT  Wait, I hear you. You don’t have a Mercantile Bank where you live. That is ok, because I have a greater point to this post.

We had been with our previous bank for like 10 years. And there wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with them per se. But there really wasn’t anything right with them either. I mean they were a huge corporate bank based somewhere far away who fee’d us to death so that kind of stunk. But when things were going well, it wasn’t something I really thought about. But when things went wrong. UGH. Pain in my behind!!

A year ago I was part of a banking focus group and there were all these people raving about their bank. I didn’t even know it was POSSIBLE to rave about a bank. So at that point I came home and told the hubby we were switching. But then I realized what a giant pain it was to switch banks. And we dragged our feet.

But 2012 is our year. We switched end of December and it was the BEST decision. I never knew it was possible to rave about a bank but I am RAVING. The personal service astounds me. They have called no less than five times to make sure things are going well and to help us get set up with everything online. So impressed.

In case you ARE local let me tell you a few quick reasons why I love them:

  • Mobile Deposit: I can scan or take mobile pics of my checks and they are deposited. I don’t even have to go to the bank. Perfection.
  • No ATM fees: They know that they don’t have many branches. So they refund any fees you get from using other people’s ATMs. Seriously. Love.
  • Interest bearing checking: Yep. I get interest. In my checking account.

If you AREN’T local, can I just encourage you to bank local? And shop local. And eat from locally sourced restaurants. It truly makes a difference. Local is the new black.

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  1. Thanks for hosting! I shared a post on how to use coconut flour and on foods for depression
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  2. Yup, switching is a PAIN in the behind. Especially when you have everything set up to automatic withdrawal. But I finally did it in December and I am so so happy to have that behind me. It was like a 6 week process, but now… everything in one place, no more stupid fees, and no more dealing with big corporate no names. Local rules!
    Krista recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Goodbye Old FriendMy Profile

  3. We LOVE our local credit union and I work at one of those huge banks!
    Amy recently posted…A Mirror, Rug and a DebunkingMy Profile

  4. Julie says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! We switched over to Lake Michigan Credit Union last fall and it was a great decision even though it’s a pain to make the switch. :)

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    I use raw milk, but regular milk would work just fine!

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