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From time to time on this blog I have chronicled my efforts to be a bit “greener” in our household. To be honest for me it is a God thing. I do not really understand why Christians aren’t getting more behind environmental movements because I believe it is part of our job to steward the Earth God has given us. So I am far from perfect in this area but I do try.

Because April 22nd has bee declared Earth Day, April has kind of become Earth month. So I will be giving little tips for things that have worked in our family to make the Earth a little bit of a better place. Hopefully you can find something that works for you. And I will have a weekly giveaway to help you get started. More on that in a minute.

So my first tip is one that saves you money, helps your heart AND helps the earth. And it is super simple. Simply forgo eating meat for one day a week. We typically do two since switching to pricey grass fed, organic meat. It frankly costs too much to eat meat for every meal so we initially made the switch for our pocketbook.

But I also learned that about 40 calories of fossil fuel energy go into every calorie of feed lot beef in the U.S. One calorie of plant-based protein uses only 2.2 calories of fossil fuel energy. That is a pretty big difference. And I don’t buy pricey meat substitutes we simply have pizza night, pasta night or in the summer during the height of fresh veggie season, grilled veggies. So yummy!!

Scott has released a line of earth friendly products called Scott Naturals. I received a gift pack of their new products and to be honest feared they would be nasty because sometimes toilet paper and paper towels made from recycled paper is just not the same. But I am impressed. It is high quality and gets the job done.

Scott Naturals giveaway

Would you like to win a gift pack of Scott Naturals products? To win, leave a comment letting me know if you regularly consume meatless meals and what you make.

For extra entries:

  • Click through to the Scott Naturals 4 Week Test Drive site, and they will donate $1 to the National Wildlife Federation up to $25,000. Let me know you did so in the comments.
  • Pledge to take a 4 Week Test Drive of Scott Natural. If we all used Scott Naturals products for 4 weeks we could save over 2 million trees. As a bonus when you take the pledge you are entered to win a Ford Fusion.

Three chances to win. Please leave a separate comment for each entry. Winner will be chosen at random on Apr. 19th. So good luck!

Disclosure: I received a Scott Naturals gift pack and was compensated for my participation in this campaign by Scott Naturals and The Motherhood. As always all opinions are mine. This post is linked up to Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family.


  1. Jessica says:

    Hey Jill, I grew up being a vegetarian so I have loads and loads of awesome meatless recipes. This next recipe is one of my all time favorites. You can eat it warm or cool during the summer.

    3 medium size zuchinni
    2 cups of chopped Brocolli
    2 Table Spoons of capers
    6-8oz of pesto (I use Trader Joe Brand)
    One small can of dized black olives
    1lb pasta I use the spiral looking one

    • Jessica says:

      I didn’t mean to post it yet…here is the rest of the recipe.

      4 plum tomatoes cut in 8


      olive oil


      Cook pasta according to directions on the package

      Chop the zucchini. Add the zucchini, broccoli and olive oil to a medium sauté pan. (about 5 minutes)

      Add the pesto and capers to the sauté pan…cook 3 minutes

      Add the black olives and tomatoes. Turn off the stove let the olives and tomatoes slightly cook with the heat of the other veggies.

      Drain the pasta, and combine with the pesto veggies

      Top with Feta and enjoy :-)

      *and of course add salt and pepper to taste.

  2. I usually make a meatless meal once a week as well. It is usually something with pinto beans, like tacos or some sort of veggie soup.

    • Jessica says:

      Tacos is big one for use too…we use beans and the vegetarian chorizo sausage (soyrizo). It has a great flavor and texture.


  3. we only eat meat a few times a week – seldom beef (with the chemicals i don’t like it, and i’ve developed an allergy to, but when we were first married i cut it out b/c it’s expensive).
    i recommend getting a good vegetarian cookbook so you can have plenty of protein without needing meat. i’m anemic from pregnancy so we have a couple favorite chickpea recipes that i’ve been making weekly. chickpeas feel ‘lighter’ than beans and rice, so it’s a better bean in the spring time i think :)
    my current fave is chickpeas, drained and drizzled with lemon juice and good EVOO, sprinked with salt (sea salt – delish) and with some parmesan or similar cheese. eat cold, with bread or sandwiched between some nice crisp romaine leaves.
    another fave meat free meal is salad (sometimes we do have chicken, but it’s not necessary usually, salad is full of protein, and hardboiled eggs and beans are also good on it).
    when we DO eat meat, we usually just have it mixed in things, not as a dish – i stretch it pretty far in pasta, soups, and casseroles – we can’t afford good meat and the hormones – i hate thinking about what goes into meat!

  4. I almost always eat meatless meals. My 3 year old has never eaten meat yet. But my husband and I occasaionally eat fish. Not at home but if we are out.
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  5. I clicked through to the post. I also forgot to mention that we eat a lot of vegetable stir frys with tofu and a lot of whole wheat pasta dishes and black bean tacos.
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  6. We used to do meatless a couple day a week, but my husband became a late onset type one diabetic, which has complicated issues, since many of our meatless meals were pretty carb heavy, but I can still pull it off, just not quite as often. I love grilled veggies and I make a meatless lasagna (Homemade spaghetti sauce with spinach added to thicken it, as beef might. Layered with noodles as well as cottage, mozzarella, and parmigiana cheeses). We often eat brown beans and corn bread with vegetable sides too.
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  7. catherine s says:

    We grill a lot of veggies in the summer and roast them in the winter….tastes great served with pasta. The kids love it too which is always a bonus!

  8. Christie says:

    My go to meatless meals are clean out the fridge friendly, as well!
    I make pizza, topping it with pretty much any leftovers I find. (so sometimes there’s meet, too)
    I also love doing breakfast for dinner–eggs, pancakes, french toast…

  9. Christie says:

    I clicked through!

  10. We very rarely ever have meatless dishes. We do eat beef that’s local and rarely ever buy it at the store. All organic!
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  11. We aren’t totally meatless but do occasionally have meatless meals. My favs are soups, especially potato soup.
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  12. We do a lot of meatless meals! Mainly because the meat we do buy is locally raised, grassfed and humanely slaughtered.

    I do a lot with beans – I buy dry beans and soak them and then cook them. A lot of work but much better than canned! I also do a lot of rice and quinoa – qunioa has a lot of protein! We don’t do tofu or anything like that, I try to avoid soy :)

  13. Quiche! We all love it for breakfast, lunch or supper!
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  14. Erica Best says:

    i be honest i never really had cook meatless meal but it something think about now. thanks for the tips everyone.

  15. Erica Best says:

    Clicked through to the Scott Naturals 4 Week Test Drive site.

  16. Erica Best says:

    I took the pledge.

  17. Yes we regularly do meatless meals. I really like this recipe

  18. clicked through the link to donate

  19. took the pledge