May the Force Be With You

star wars

When Lily was little we didn’t let her watch TV lest it hurt her newly growing brain. We caved to Dora eventually (oddly enough right about the time I entered my first trimester with Hannah), but only educational shows would do.

Two kids later and Silas is fed a steady diet of Phineas and Ferb. No educational value whatsoever. And by steady diet I don’t really mean steady diet. Because no good parent would let their kids watch too much TV…..

Anyway, Lily never really watched movies. Hannah a few more, but only after we heavily screened them. But oh Silas. That third child of mine just finished the Star Wars trilogy this weekend in a flu induced haze with his daddy.

An event 30 some years in the waiting. Doesn’t every child of the 70s long for the day when they can introduce their boys to light sabers, storm troopers and Princess Leia in a bikini? And Silas ate every single second up.

Now everything is a light saber. Or a gun. I am usually a storm trooper. On a lucky day, I get to be Chewbacca. Silas is always Han Solo. Hannah usually Princess Leia. Lily plays a totally uninterested older sister. Ryan plays a proud father.

We checked out every Star Wars book from the library. He can recite you all the lineages, even from the movies he hasn’t seen yet. We have Star Wars fever on our hands and I am not sure what the cure is.

Then again, there has never been a cuter Jedi. Star Wars mom am I.


  1. I am so there with you! Our Thomas days are gone and Star Wars reigns supreme with my 3 year old too…(and his 6 year-old sister). Their Star Wars knowledge is vastly superior to my own. They fly around the house in X-wings…they refer to the 18 month old as R2D2. He speaks like Yoda or Chewie. English is no longer his preferred language. Light sabers…laser guns…you know the drill. However, I at least get to be Queen Amadala. :)

  2. I think you mean StormShooter.

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