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TILT  I have mentioned a time or two that we try and eat pretty natural around here, but that can be a gigantic pain when it comes to school lunches. Sometimes you just want think that comes in an individual, easy to pack package. And sometimes mama just doesn’t want to make anything else from scratch.

So although I really like to make my own applesauce, it isn’t always happening. I was thrilled to stumble upon Materne GoGo Squeez applesauce during a Costco run. Portable? Check. Easy to eat? Check. No added sugar or weird stuff? Check. A snack that you can brag to people is French? Check, check!

Unrelated side note: Costco- my love for you runs deep. I am not sure I save any money by coming there but I offset that by calling the free samples lunch. But if you continue to discontinue the products my family loves and become addicted to I am going to go postal one of these days. Stop luring me in with your samples and then cutting me off!!!!

Anywho- the only problem with these babies is that they are a tad pricey and my kids want to eat like 17 a day. So I have to ration them out like some sort of applesauce nazi. But they are in this convenient pouch so even my 1 1/2 year old can manage them without a mess. Perfect for on the go and in the car. Genius.

Disclosure: Nobody paid me or gave me anything to write about these delightful little pouches. But if the good people over at Materne want to send me cases of their products I would definitely say “Oui, Oui.”

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  1. Sounds delicious!
    Kelly recently posted…simon’s easter basketMy Profile

  2. They have those at Costco?? Awesome! I first saw them on Alice.com, and have fallen in love with them as diaper-bag snacks. I love that they are totally natural.
    Jeni recently posted…ConspiracyMy Profile

  3. Oh my goodness, you put up your twitter photo. Has it been so long since I commented? I always thought you did look more attractive in your photo than in that cartoon. I have had this frustration with Costco as well. Snacks that aren’t potential disasters in the car are wonderful.
    Betsy (Eco-novice) recently posted…Eat Less PlasticMy Profile

  4. As a mom who works full-time outside of the home (notice I didn’t just say working mom; we all work full time!!), I sometimes have a hard time giving my kids a balanced, natural diet. Yeah, I fail sometimes. I do always try, though, to give them healthy, low/no sugar snacks in their lunch bags. I don’t recognize this brand but there are others at my grocery store that are similar – same packaging, no sugar, pure fruit – and they are great. I feel good giving them to my kids. There are other single serve packages of fruit snacks with no sugar added that are a great alternative to those horrible fruit roll-up things. Yogurt tubes and granola bars are also big favourites here.
    kat recently posted…Dont Be Limp!My Profile

  5. I’ve never heard of these or seen them at Costco, I can see where the kids would love them! Mine would want to eat 17 a day as well!
    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy recently posted…Green Chili Cheddar EggsMy Profile

  6. Sigh, my child doesn’t eat applesauce. Never has. What child doesn’t eat applesauce? Seriously frustrating. I would love her to have such a fabulous snack option.
    Kathy @ House of Hills recently posted…Things I Love Thursday- Keys!!!My Profile

  7. Usually, my 1.5 yo old’s first request for food is yogurt, followed by applesauce. So, to have portal, natural applesauce is awesome. And thankfully, we just moved to a house close to Costco. :)

  8. applesauce is the only other food, besides anything cheese, that my 1yo will eat. conversely, applesauce is one of two things my 3yo daughter won’t eat. You’re not alone Kathy! I think it’s weird too.
    Sara recently posted…Things I love Thursday – Pampers Clean ‘n Go WipesMy Profile

  9. nicolerenae says:

    I just discovered a similar product at Babies R Us, Plum Organics in little pouches and my 1 year old loves them and they are so nice for the diaper bag. I’ll have to check out the applesauce!

  10. Bought these for my kiddos and I’m the one eating them like crazy! I love them too!
    Lindsey recently posted…One More Lesson We Can Learn From The Greatest GenerationMy Profile

  11. Those look awesome! I think my daughter would love them… too bad we aren’t Costco people. :( Maybe I’ll try the ones nicole mentioned at BabiesRUs! Thanks for hosting the link-up!
    Damsel recently posted…Slow Cooker Liners Things I LoveMy Profile

  12. linking up from Twitter! Thanks for hosting!
    michelle recently posted…1st birthday inspirationMy Profile

  13. if you love those squeezie applesauces you would probably love HAPPYTOT fruit/veggie squeezers. My 2yo & 6yo love squeezable food in pouches, and when it’s natural and healthy – i love it too!
    Eryn {mamahall} recently posted…Very Special Airplane Activity BooksMy Profile

  14. Those applesauce pouches sound wonderful! It’s so nice to find something healthy and portable that the kids love. And I agree, I wish Costco wouldn’t get me all excited about new things only to discontinue them! Thank you for hosting!

  15. Costco also got us hooked on these – but I found out I can buy them in greater bulk on Amazon (48-to-a-package) and if you do subscribe and save, you can get them for 15% less (you can cancel subscriptions or skip them so you don’t end up with too many) so now I feel a little better about buying them. I also do this with happy baby fruit/veggie pouches and both my kids will eat them down so I sneak in veggies, too :)

  16. Happy Thursday :o)
    Shannon recently posted…Bringing in the BIG bucks!My Profile

  17. I thought I was the only one that had addictive loves at Costco discontinued on them! I’ll have to give these a whirl as I too try to find portable things ala natural for school.

    • We should swap secrets!! I always need new lunch ideas.

      • Lately I’ve been buying this box of individual hummus servings at Costco. I send that and crackers, pretzels, carrots, or whatever else Clare likes to dip in hummus. It adds healthy & dipping items to lunch! I’ve also found the Dole fruit cups are mildly healthy & I keep those on hand in the case that I run out of fruit…which happens more often than you think in a house of 3 that requires me to buy 2 bunches of bananas at a time!

        • The other thing I’ve noticed they carry too is a mondo sized bag of the veggie straws. Clare loves them & they are low in calorie.

  18. {Linked up to TILT – a card deck to get your kids moving with you!}

    I’ll have to look for these…we’re in the process of wanting to eat more natural foods but feel pretty overwhelmed at the thought of the whole process. I can handle finding a snack or two to start with, though! ;)
    Pam recently posted…Things I Love Thursday – BFB Yoga PretzelsMy Profile

  19. I LOVE Costco too. We like to buy the Annie’s Homegrown Fruit Snacks. They are MUCH cheaper at Costco and my 3 year old could eat 4 bags per day if I let her. (I don’t!)

    Thanks for hosting :)
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