Mama’s Losing It


Silas is still not back to normal. And it is wearing on me. I love the extra snuggles, but after two weeks of mostly staying inside because of potty training, I am ridiculously over the whole trapped in the house thing I have going on over here.

Combine that with a snow day on Friday and a hubby delayed and stuck in Ohio after five days of being away, and come Friday mama was losing it. LOSING IT.

When your hubby who is exhausted from traveling walks in the door and you burst into tears, I think it is a sign you might need to get out more. Or get more sleep. My hubby took it as the latter as he quickly ushered me upstairs and demanded I take a nap. Partly because he is an awesome hubby. Partly because he may have been terrified of me. (mostly because he was terrified of me)

When I awoke from a deep, deep sleep and shuffled downstairs to rejoin humanity, Ryan and the kids had cleaned up the whole downstairs. Me thinks I need to fall a little off my rocker more often…..


  1. oh, how I hate days like that… when I feel like I can’t stand one more minute of myself.. Sweet of your hubby and kiddos to clean for you.

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